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Consequences of Lust (Part 2)

March 16, 2015 |   By Jing Yuan

(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 1

Kindness Inspires Reward from the Divine

A noble man named Li Ding lived during the Ming Dynasty. He often pointed out inappropriate behavior when he overheard his family or friends discussing immoral subjects. He thus wrote an article entitled “disciplining one's speech” to inspire kindness in others.

Some time later, he took a scholar placement exam. The night before he received his results, Li Ding had a vivid dream. His deceased father explained to him, “You were very talented but arrogant in your past life. As a result, the heavens had decided for you to suffer from frustration and failure throughout this life.”

However, another scholar lost his fortune because he raped a single woman last month. He was scheduled for immediate hire, but now the position is vacant. Lord Superior Wen Chang [Chinese deity of culture and literature] has decided to award you the position because of your publication on disciplining one's speech.

“I hope you will work harder to return the favor.”

Li was delighted. He indeed got the position.

After he became an official, he worked harder to be a good samaritan and model citizen. This story exemplifies the significance of prioritizing moral values and the speed of karmic retribution. The divine beings will not overlook righteousness, and positive retribution will be awarded where credit is due.