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Thoughts after Reading Minghui Editorial “Starting Point”

March 12, 2015 |   By Ziyu, a practitioner from Mainland China

(Minghui.org) When I read the Minghui editorial “Starting Point,” it reminded me of some issues that relate to human attachments and notions of practitioners in our local area. These issues have severely affected us improving as a whole.

I would like to share my understandings on these issues. Please correct me, if I am wrong.

Going Abroad

Many local practitioners have planned on going abroad recently. Some even tried convincing others to go abroad as well, saying that Master supports this. They rationalize that the cultivation environment abroad is better than in China and that one can do more to validate the Fa there. Some practitioners have already left China because of this.

Practitioners living abroad are envied by many practitioners in China. So much so, that some practitioners have spent a lot of money on travel agency fees, to help them move abroad.

However, when they arrive in the foreign land, many soon realized that things are not as they imagined. Many practitioners are not wealthy, and after paying the high travel agency fees, they now find themselves in financial difficulty and lack the means to survive in these foreign countries.

Promoting Their Books

Some practitioners have written and published books in China. They've spent a lot of time promoting their books among practitioners and on social networking sites. They ask other practitioners to help sell their books, and even ask them to buy them.

Raising Funds

Whenever practitioners hear about fundraising events many are willing to donate. They don't even bother to ask what the money is for, or whether it is for a Dafa project.

Some practitioners are not active in validating the Fa, but are very enthusiastic when it comes to fundraising.

Selling Incense

Some practitioners own places that make incense. They promote their products at group Fa-study sites to sell to practitioners.

As a sales technique, sometimes they burn the incense when practitioners are working on a Dafa project, and ask practitioners to smell the fragrance. Practitioners are then told that they should only burn high-grade and expensive incense in front of Master's portrait to express one's respect. Practitioners were thus pressured into buying these products.

Many tricks have been used to sell the incense among practitioners.

Hosting Children's Camps

Some practitioners organize summer or winter camps for young practitioners all over the country. They pressure fellow practitioners to register their children, and charge high admission fees.


After cultivating for so many years, practitioners should not have strong human notions and attachments, or commit such wrongdoings.

It is not right that a practitioner spends so much time and resources on something unrelated to saving people.

When others try to point out a practitioner's wrongdoing, they should not try to protect themselves and should look inward and assess themselves according to the Fa's principles. We must remember that we are Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period. This form of self-protection has created barriers between practitioners instead of bringing us together as one body.

We should cultivate solidly, spend every minute and every penny on saving people. It is important that we improve ourselves through the tests and tribulations, instead of being affected by them.

We should not simply follow the crowd. We should consider what our “starting point” is before we do anything.

Let's all walk well on our journey, and leave a righteous path for the people in the future.