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Falun Dafa Practitioners from Jilin Province Respectfully Wish Master Li Hongzhi a Happy Chinese New Year (25 Greetings)

February 16, 2015 |  

(Minghui.org) In this report, we present a selection of the 25 greetings sent from Falun Dafa practitioners in Jilin Province, China:

Many of these practitioners belong to the same families orFa-study groups.

They hail from the following places:• Songyuan City• Liaoyuang City• Baishan City• Fusong County• Baicheng City• Hunchun City• Tonghua City• Changchun City• Yanji City• Da'an City• Dongfeng County

Falun Dafa Practitioners from Jilin Province Wish Revered Master a Happy Chinese New Year!