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Cherishing Cultivation Opportunities

December 23, 2015 |   By practitioner Tong Xin

(Minghui.org) Tong Xin, 76, started to practice Falun Dafa in 1995 and she has walked her cultivation path well. Her days are filled with studying the Fa, and clarifying the facts about Dafa. Below she shares her cultivation experiences.

Attachment of Zealotry Affects Truth Clarification

The persecution of Dafa intensified in 2001 after the staged self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square early that year, and the Chinese people were bombarded with another round of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) campaigns. To expose the lies told by the CCP, fellow practitioners and I began to clarify the facts about Dafa to people.

We made Dafa informational materials and distributed them in the evenings. One night we distributed over 160 flyers in an underground garage and observed that people were reading them.

The evening after New Year's Day, when I left some Dafa materials on a luxury car, a man walked out of the hotel and said, “What are you doing? What's in your bag?” I said calmly, “It's New Year's time. I wish you to be safe and sound in the new year.” He looked at me with a smile.

In the early days, we did not have adhesive stickers. Therefore, I wrote messages about Dafa where I could. Once a security guard showed up to question what I was writing, and I told him to just read it. He looked at what I wrote and left without causing trouble.

I pasted over 200 posters on walls and power line poles one night in 2012. The director of the neighborhood committee said to my daughter-in-law, “Tell your mother-in-law not to paste those posters anymore.” This lady also followed me. Thus, when I saw her, I explained why I did the posters. After that, neither she nor anyone else followed me.

However there were problems at times. Two fellow practitioners and I went to distribute Dafa materials at a construction site. There were many workers, and we ran out of materials very quickly. We also helped around 80 people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I felt really pleased and went home to get more materials. When I came back, a foreman asked me for a copy of the material and said he would report me unless I gave him money. When I refused, he grabbed my bag, searched it and snatched 200 yuan with Dafa information written on them. I realized that this happened because I developed an attachment of zealotry. I decided that I would send strong righteous thoughts at all times.

Distributing the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”

After the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party by the Epoch Times, we decided to distribute this document too.

Three of us practitioners formed a team in 2009. We went to every open market in nearby areas to talk about the persecution of Dafa. I was responsible for distributing the Nine Commentaries and Shen Yun DVDs. Some markets were a bit far and it took us about an hour on a bus to reach them. But, we were not deterred and did this for over three years. We now focus more on urban areas. We have distributed countless truth-clarification materials and several thousand copies of the “Nine Commentaries.” Many people heard the facts about Dafa and its persecution.

Practitioners Are Trustworthy

I always hold strong righteous thoughts whenever I go out to clarify the facts to people. With Master’s protection, our efforts were pretty smooth over the years.

When I distributed Dafa informational materials in a market, I noticed that a man was watching me from a distance. I ignored him and kept handing out the materials. When I finished, he approached me to ask how much I earned per day for doing this and who gave me the materials. I responded that we are volunteers and make the materials ourselves.

I then talked to him about Dafa and the brutal persecution. He understood in the end, complained about the corruption of the CCP officials, and how ordinary people suffered as a result. He told me he was a CCP member, so I helped him quit the CCP using his real name, and his wife quit the Youth League.

A vendor accepted some truth-clarification materials and I helped him quit the CCP. He asked for a copy of the “Nine Commentaries,” but we had run out of copies. I brought him a copy two weeks later. He said, “You Falun Dafa practitioners are truly trustworthy!”

Routine Toast: Falun Dafa is Good

I have helped people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations face to face since 2005, starting with my own relatives, then my former colleagues and the general public.

My daughter-in-law’s father is a CCP official, who used to be against Dafa. Therefore, I often asked my daughter-in-law and granddaughter to give him materials. When the “Nine Commentaries” were published, I gave him a copy and I noticed some changes in him after he read it.

At my granddaughter’s 18th birthday party, I talked about Dafa to all who were present and 15 people quit the CCP organizations, including my daughter-in-law’s father. At our family gatherings, “Falun Dafa is good” has become a routine toast.

Eight Former Party Secretaries Quit the CCP

Before I retired, I got to know many neighborhood officials. They organized reunion parties over the years. This was a good opportunity to clarify the facts, so I attended the parties. I took along Dafa informational materials, Shen Yun DVDs and copies of the “Nine Commentaries.” Eight former CCP secretaries and directors have quit the CCP.

One of them used to be the CCP secretary in our neighborhood, and participated in the persecution of Dafa. She and a few others refused to listen when I wanted to tell them about Dafa. They, however, realized that the persecution was evil after they read the “Nine Commentaries.” They regretted that they had persecuted practitioners. That lady called me in 2007 and told me that her entire family of five had quit the CCP. Every New Year’s Day she calls me to wish me a Happy New Year and her first words are “Falun Dafa is good!” Since she quit the CCP, her diabetes had disappeared.

Another female director, who also proactively persecuted practitioners while in office, and her husband quit the CCP after I talked to her many times about Dafa.

Public Bathhouse: Good Opportunity to Talk to People

In our area, many people go to a public bathhouse, which is a good opportunity to clarify the facts to people. I go to different public bathhouses once a week and talk to people about the staged self-immolation incident at Tiananmen, the organ harvesting from living practitioners, and the “quit-the-CCP” effort. Up to 20 people quit the CCP during each of my visits to the bathhouses.

When I met with a former colleague, who used to be the CCP secretary of a commune, I talked to her about Dafa, and she agreed with what I said and quit the CCP.

Letting Go of Fear

I have not felt any fear when I go out and clarify the facts, but I was always worried that my children might be afraid if they knew that I print the Dafa informational materials at home.

I was printing materials one day at home when my son turned up unexpectedly. He was startled to see what I was doing and said, “Oh, mom, what are you doing?!” I tried to calm him down by telling him how evil the CCP was. Later he felt a bit better.

But I didn’t realize my hidden fear until one afternoon. I printed materials in my bedroom when my daughter-in-law came home. I got up quickly and looked at her, not knowing what to say. She smiled at me and I also smiled back.

Reflecting upon these incidents and looking within, I found my hidden attachment of fear, and felt very grateful to Master for these opportunities to help me get rid of such an attachment. I realized that I should do Dafa things in an open and dignified manner.

Master reminded us over and over again that we should cultivate ourselves as diligently as we once did. I will continue to cherish the cultivation opportunity and do well with what I should do to fulfill my mission as a practitioner.