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Eliminating Attachments with an Attitude of Gratitude

December 01, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) My father and I ate a watermelon together this summer. He cut the watermelon and then took the best part. He left the remainder for me. I was a little stunned and felt somewhat aggrieved, but I thought that nothing is a coincidence for a Falun Dafa practitioner. Any tribulation or unhappy thing is arranged for me to repay a debt, or in this case to rid myself of an attachment to being cared about.

I enlightened from studying the Fa that Dafa practitioners will be divine beings in the new cosmos. For veteran practitioners, who obtained the Fa before the persecution, Master Li pushed us to the realm where we belong. That is to say, our true selves were returned to our original place. Then why can we not eliminate all attachments to fame, affection and personal interest? It is because we still have the parts of us that are not cultivated well, which make us relax and have human notions. When our thoughts are within the human world, we are restrained by the principles of the Three Realms. Why did I have that unhappy feeling? It indicates that I was not tolerant and that I had not reached the level of complete selflessness.

My father and I went to a restaurant and decided on a list of dishes to order for dinner. But when the waiter came my father ordered all the dishes that he liked and none of my favorite ones. The sudden change made me a bit unhappy again, although my face did not show it and I did not complain. According to the high level requirement for my cultivation, I did not pass the test well. With genuine tolerance my heart would have been unmoved and I would have behaved calmly from beginning to end.

Dafa practitioners cultivate in the human world. Our attachments originate from notions derived from selfishness. These notions develop into habits, such as self protection, our thinking patterns and customary procedures. Transcending this habit of protecting self interest is difficult. It is hard because one is unable to keep the heart unmoved when one's personal interest is harmed or when one's self-esteem is hurt. Why could I not step out of selfishness and reach selflessness? I reflected on this and had an understanding: When faced with the test, I did not have the mindset of returning to my true self and I subconsciously sought human care and affection. We Dafa practitioners are the most admired beings in the cosmos as Master Li has given us all the best things. What attachments should we have?

I got rid of the attachment to seeking my father's care. He then became less selfish and started to think of me and care about my feelings. Therefore, everything is related to our cultivation. Only by ridding ourselves of the attachment to affection can we have compassion to influence others and save sentient beings.

Master Li taught us in Digging Out the Roots in Essentials for Further Advancement,

“During your cultivation practice, I will use every means to expose all of your attachments and dig them out at their roots.”

I enlightened that seeking human affection and care is to safeguard principles in the human world, but validating Dafa is to speak and act according to Dafa. Only with an attitude to place one's self on the position of a divine being in the new cosmos can one's heart remain unmoved when facing conflicts, can we reach selflessness and can we have ample righteous thoughts to save sentient beings.

Helping a Practitioner in a Sickness Karma Tribulation

I went to help a fellow practitioner who had experienced a sickness karma tribulation for more than two years. She had a hot temper and did not pay attention to her speech. She was busy with household chores and had little time to study the Fa. Her hand gestures while practicing the exercises deviated quite a bit. She did not correct them though fellow practitioners had reminded her many times. She would fall asleep while watching Master Li's video of the exercise instruction. It appeared that she was being interfered with by demons in another dimension.

During my first day in her home, my water cup accidentally fell in to the sink while I bushed my teeth. She was worried that the cup had broken and she criticized me. I tolerated her behavior, though I had never met with such treatment in other people's homes.

I later apologized to her and said that I was not careful. We could communicate well initially, but I later argued with her when she reproached another practitioner. I experienced tightness in my chest later that day and had the thought that I should leave because such a practitioner is hard to help. I had a dream that night. Master Li gave me a hint in the dream that I had said harsh words to her.

I knew I did not do well. I reflected about the purpose of me staying with her. I came to help her but I did not play a positive role. My words aroused her negative side. Doesn't this enhance her tribulation? I had a thought to leave. Isn't that selfish? For so many years, I felt it was hard to repay Master Li's grace. The fellow practitioner is Master Li's disciple. She is in a difficult situation. How could I treat her that way? How did I assist Master Li in the Fa-rectification? I felt sorry to Master Li and I felt guilty.

The next day I sincerely apologized to the practitioner. My effort to look inward touched her. She changed her attitude and the atmosphere became friendly. I reminded her to correct her hand gestures in practicing the exercises. She accepted my reminders.

The elderly practitioner had correct hand gestures before 1999. As she was in the sickness karma tribulation for a long time, her hand gestures while practicing the exercises and her facial expression had changed. I felt sorry for her and tears welled up in my eyes. I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference behind her and asked Master Li to help her with the second set of exercises.

I watched Master Li's video of the exercise instructions with her. She was attentive while we watched. I knew that Master Li had helped her and that the interference behind her was gone. I returned home and learned from other practitioners that she was able to practice the exercises correctly and appreciated it when others gave her reminders. Such an seemingly impossible thing was accomplished with an attitude of appreciation of Master Li's grace.

Helping fellow practitioners requires a sincere attitude and the habit of looking inward. Other practitioners may have different understandings. We cannot reject others and gauge them with our own standards. Frequently, the gaps between practitioners are because of different understandings. It would be counterproductive if one does not understand the issue and fails cooperate well.

Previously, I would set higher standards for diligent practitioners and urge those who were not diligent to catch up, which would lead them to feel pressure and have resistance in their minds. Now when facing such issues, I would take heed of Master Li's example and encourage them. I would deal with the issues with an attitude of returning to my true self to harmonize what Master Li wants. I would not be moved by superficial expressions or the current situation in everyday society. I will treat people with an attitude of gratitude and eliminate my attachments.