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Have We Remembered Our Vows?

November 06, 2015 |   By a practitioner outside China

(Minghui.org) I believe that Master's new lecture in Los Angeles has made many practitioners realize that we need to hurry up to save people. Especially, I believe that many practitioners have a sense of awakening regarding Master's words: “Generally speaking it will be handled based on the vows each person made, and there won’t be a second chance—none at all.” (Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference). When I read this sentence, I was incredibly shocked.

My cultivation status has gone up and down over the years. I also made serious mistakes in cultivation. Although I made up for them eventually, I still slacked off in reading the Fa and clarifying the truth, especially after I had a baby a few years ago. My xinxing level was dropping gradually. Although I saw the danger, I still could not be diligent. Sometimes, I comforted myself that I had been doing the three things—although I did not do well, I did something after all. Now, when I look back at this thought, I realize that I treated cultivation with a human's crafty notions, and thinking I could “get away with” working half-heartedly.

Master's new lecture woke me up. Fa-rectification cultivation has criteria, and sentient beings also need to reach certain criteria to enter the new universe. It is wrong to assume, using human notions, that I have done well enough and I will be able to reach consummation as long as I've joined the activities of validating the Fa and saving people. It is wrong to cultivate with minimum effort.

Master's words about the vows reminded me of an amazing experience I had before I started cultivating.

My mother obtained the Fa many years ago. One day, I opened a book she was reading. It was Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa. I saw a question asked by a practitioner: “What is 'extinction of body and soul (xing shen ju mie)' like?” (Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun).

All of sudden, the characters “extinction of body and soul” got gigantic, and started to talk to me. The characters said to me that I had made a vow, and the last few words were “extinction of body and soul.” The characters also told me to hurry up and join the cultivation, otherwise it would be too late, and I would face the extinction of body and soul. I was shocked, wondering when I made such a vow? I did not understand.

Soon, I started to cultivate myself, and the persecution also started after that. One day, I read a sharing article on Minghui website by a young practitioner. He said that at an SOS Global Rescue event, he saw that he was kneeling down in front of Master before he came to the human world, and he made a vow: “When the evil persecutes Dafa, I will protect the Fa with my life and save the sentient beings. If I fail to keep this vow, my body and soul will go extinct.” The young practitioner had tears all over his face, when he saw this scene.

The young practitioner's sharing made me recall what I saw before I obtained the Fa. Actually, we have all made vows in front of Master before we came here. The vow is sacred and serious, and we must fulfill this vow with our lives.

All the beings in the universe need to fulfill their vows. Yet, the criteria for Dafa disciples might be even higher and more rigorous than that for any other beings. How we fulfill the vows depends on what vows we made.

If we fail to keep the promise to fulfill our vows, what we will face is unimaginable. How can a life enter the new universe, if this life breaks the promise, and treats the sacred vow he made as a child's play?

It is very serious!

I believe that many practitioners have made the similar vows. At the end of the Fa-rectification period, let us do our best to fulfill our vows and hurry up to help Master saving sentient beings.

This is my own understanding. Please correct me if there is anything wrong.