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Publishing Timely Reports of Persecution Serves to Dissuade the Perpetrators

November 29, 2015 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Hunan Province, China

(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Gong since 1995. I wish to share with fellow practitioners the importance of reporting incidents of persecution in a timely fashion.

Learning Basic Computer Skills

I was held in a forced labor camp in 2001 and found myself thinking about the lack of a Falun Gong material production site in my hometown. I was determined to learn computer skills, so I would be able to set up the first site to make materials in my hometown when I was released.

I spoke with the practitioner in charge of such an undertaking. He offered me a computer and a printer. But I was not keen to accept this computer, as I felt drowsy as soon as I saw it.

I met a displaced female practitioner at the end of 2003, and she came to live with me. She told me about the material production site in her town. Finally, here was someone who had computer and printer knowledge. I suggested that she focus on the producing the materials, while I handled the housework and cooking. Unfortunately, this contributed to my attachments of relying on others and fear of difficulties.

She later moved and was arrested and sentenced in 2005. Thus, I was on my own. It was just as Master told us – we are not to wait or rely on others. With Master's help and my firm determination, my personal circumstances improved. I worked hard on gaining computer skills and soon was able to take care of the different tasks needed to produce materials.

Improving My Writing Skills

I started to write for the Minghui website yet the Minghui editors would restructure my articles before publishing them. I could not understand why.

It was an eye-opener when I brought this up in a group. A relative with a news and communications background told me how to structure an article. I was told that it is important to mention the most important points in the opening paragraph to grab the reader's attention

Although I did not admit that I was wrong, I realized that he was right after I browsed through many articles on Minghui and compared them to mine.

I often saw myself as an excellent writer. However, after I started to look inward, I realized that it took me so much effort to write anything. In addition, my self-righteousness, stubbornness, and extreme thoughts were formed under the influence of the communist culture.

So I paid special attention to my problems when I wrote my next articles. Consequently, the Minghui editors didn't have to rewrite my news reports very often.

Clandestine Information Gathering

The environment in China is evil and closed, but I have to provide accurate and powerful reports to cover the persecution. I have to be a genuine practitioner and let go of everyday people's attachments to fame, profit, and emotion, especially when faced with unexpected events that come about due to strict surveillance.

A practitioner was arrested, tortured by the police, and taken to a hospital in a coma. We were far away and unaware that he was dying. When I heard that a coordinator was going to visit him, I took leave from work to find out what happened.

Although I was not good with a camera, I took one along. When we arrived outside the hospital, we met several local practitioners. The situation was critical, especially as each practitioner in the county was being closely monitored by the police.

Despite our concerns, we visited the practitioner. The police did not recognize us in the crowd. There were families waiting for permission to visit their loved ones, and we found the practitioner’s in-laws.

While waiting to see the practitioner, we sent righteous thoughts. There were two police officers inside the ICU monitoring visitors. When I saw the practitioner lying in bed, tears came to my eyes, but I could not cry.

As soon as the officers left the ICU, I took four pictures without knowing whether I had operated the camera correctly. Shortly after I put the camera away, the police returned.

I transferred the photos taken at the hospital to a local practitioner's computer and saw that at least three of them could be published. Another practitioner handed me her report about what had occurred. It was quickly revised and edited. Working together, we uploaded the photos and report to the Minghui website.

I then edited some Falun Gong truth clarification stickers to be posted immediately. I made some sample stickers for local practitioners to print and post. We asked them to send righteous thoughts and quickly left town.

When a practitioner was murdered in my town, I requested 15 days leave from work. I went to the CCP bureau as a relative on behalf of the dead practitioner to collect firsthand information about the death. I wrote a report, took photos, and uploaded an article. I made truth clarification stickers, which were posted. Immediately, a crowd gathered to read it, and some of them took pictures.

Often when we had the opportunity to visit practitioners that had been tortured in prison, we would take photos of them with our cell phones. Getting the photos published quickly served to shocked and frightened the police. They were unable to figure out how the photos were taken despite the close surveillance.

Master said:

"Divine pens shock humans and demonsLike sharp blades, they excise rotten ghostsOld forces do not respect FaA flourish of brushes quells the wild surge"("Shock and Frighten" in Hong Yin Vol. II)