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The Consequences of Pursuing Visions through One's Celestial Eye

November 25, 2015 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Inner Mongolia

(Minghui.org) Some practitioners have written articles on Dafa websites about what they have seen through their celestial eye. These articles can have a positive effect and encourage others to cultivate more diligently, but if one is too attached to seeing things, serious consequences may follow.

By casually sharing what they see with others, especially on a large scale, these practitioners may themselves develop strong attachments, or their sharings can bring out attachments in others. The damage could be disastrous if demonic interference ensues.

Below are some issues that have taken place in our region.

Who to Follow? The Fa or Those Whose Celestial Eye Is Open?

Some practitioners have told others that their celestial eye is open, that they can tell other practitioners about their previous lives, know what they are thinking and can see their attachments.

This has drawn admiration from other practitioners, making them overjoyed with their abilities and the attention they receive. The old forces can take advantage of this loophole and cause these practitioners to deviate from their cultivation path.

Many practitioners even began to follow them, instead of taking the Fa as guidance.

Changing the Way of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

One practitioner whose celestial eye opened told others that the effect was very good when he sent forth righteous thoughts. This made some practitioners who are attached to supernormal abilities want to send forth righteous thoughts with that practitioner.

The practitioner became attached to his capabilities and changed the way he sent forth righteous thoughts by adding other components. He wrote down the changes and handed the notes to those who followed him. He also claimed that practitioners could increase their gong by passing the notes onto others.

When other practitioners disagreed with what they were doing, conflicts occurred. This caused further chaos among practitioners.

Judging Other Practitioners

One practitioner tends to judge others. By using what he saw through his celestial eye, he told practitioners what they had accomplished in the Fa-rectification or what level they had reached in cultivation. He also claimed that some practitioners cannot reach consummation as they have not met the criteria.

His statements caused misunderstandings and confusion among many practitioners.

Another practitioner said that Fa-rectification will end on a certain date. When that day arrived, he said his predication was based on the lunar calendar and that there was some discrepancy with the actual date. Some practitioners believed him.

These incidents occurred not just because of practitioners attachments of having their celestial eyes open, but also because they had an audience.

Some practitioners will happily follow others instead of considering things for themselves based on the Fa. Some are attached to pursuing supernormal abilities, and become excited when they hear about what others have seen.

When practitioners encounter tribulations in their cultivation, they think that those with celestial eyes open can help find their attachments or clear their dimensional field, instead of correcting themselves through solid cultivation. It seems they are looking for shortcuts in cultivation.

We should all learn from these issues and do better in our cultivation. The only way to improve is to assimilate ourselves to the Fa.