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Following Master Unconditionally

November 14, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

(Minghui.org) Today, when I studied Zhuan Falun, I read the story in which Sakyamuni asked his disciple to clean the bathtub in the forest. I have read this story many times, and I believed that one should not be overly concerned with petty things. However, today I suddenly came to understand a different Fa truth, which is that as disciples, we should unconditionally do whatever Master asks of us.

Human Notions Dictate Action

I reasoned out a few hypothetical scenarios in my mind. I pictured myself as the disciple who was told by Master to clean the bathtub. If I saw the bathtub full of insects, my first thought would be, “How can I do this? If I clean the bathtub, many insects would be killed. Wouldn't this be considered killing?”

Then, I would think, “Well, let me ask Master how to proceed.” This seemed to be the right thing to do at first. However, before I ask Master, I might rethink this situation and ask myself, “Should I even go to Master? How could Master not foresee that insects were in the bathtub? Master definitely already knows the situation.”

At a certain cultivation level, it seemed practical to go ask Master what to do based on what I saw and understood, which in this case was that I should not kill. However, I now realize that I would have used human notions to judge Master. If I had asked Master what to do, I would have looked at Master as an ordinary human being.

Although I first thought that Master did not know there were insects in the bathtub, I should keep in mind Master's abilities and understand the relationship between Master and myself. Given that situation, my course of action would surely have been different.

Everything is Related to Cultivation

However, if Master had asked me to clean the bathtub, and if I truly believe that our Master is able to do anything, then I would have followed what Master had taught us. I would have looked within and measured each of my thoughts with the Fa. Based on the Fa, disciples are aware that Master knows everything that happened in the past, the present, and what will happen in the future. Master surely knew what I would see in the bathtub. In that case, why would he ask me to clean it? Nothing we encounter is accidental, and everything we face is directly related to and essential to our cultivation.

As I continued to analyze the issue, I thought that there must be an even greater reason for Master to have me clean the bathtub. What is it that Master pointed out to me? We are taught not to kill, but we must also not become overly concerned with trifles. Everything in the universe must follow the universal principles. Gods give human beings living conditions and living spaces. Thus, it would be wrong not to clean our living spaces. I would be careful and try not to kill many insects as I cleaned. However, if the insects are destined to die, so be it. By taking this course of action, I would fulfill what Master asked me to do, while also improving myself as Master intended.

I Learned Much From One Fa Truth

1. When Master addressed the cosmic climate, he saw the entire cosmic space, including its past, future, what we can see, and what we cannot see. He has arranged everything, although we disciples may not understand everything yet. Consequently, we must improve ourselves, which is a matter of believing in Master and the Fa.

2. Everything Master has arranged for us is related to improving ourselves in our cultivation. We should not only focus on the things we see directly in front of our eyes, but also try to understand the deeper meanings so that we can improve upon our respective understandings.

What we currently know is very limited, so we should not use what we know to question Master. Like the disciple in the book, he understood that killing is forbidden, but he had not yet understood the principle at a higher level until Sakyamuni gave him the hint, “What I asked you to do was to clean the bathtub.” (Zhuan Falun) This was the trigger for the disciple to understand another Fa truth and rise to another level.

3. Master told us many times that a single thought of an enlightened being can create something immediately. This is because every particle that is governed by this enlightened being will carry out what this being desires immediately and unconditionally.

Imagine if every particle had its own thoughts, based on its own understandings. It may even come up with excuses. How could this particle be considered a part of the enlightened being? Hence, I came to understand that no matter which level we are at and no matter how much we believe we understand at a particular moment, we must unconditionally obey Master's instructions.

Once Things Are Spelled Out, There is Nothing Left to Cultivate

What Master says is the Fa. All things, including the cosmos and enlightened beings, were ultimately created by Master. Sometimes we do not understand Master's words and raise questions, but we should remember that Master cannot directly tell us what to do. Otherwise, there would be nothing left for us to cultivate. I have reminded myself to remember that at every moment, I must do whatever Master tells me to do, without a second thought. If I do not understand, or if I have questions that need clarification, I need to look within and improve myself.