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Practitioner's Improvement Reflected in Environment

October 09, 2015 |  

(Minghui.org) I followed Master’s Fafor more than a decade and worked hard. With the wisdom granted by Falun Dafa, I received many awards for my work, including two national awards. Despite the persecution launched by Jiang Zemin’s regime, different levels in the educational administration supported my work. I gave municipal level seminars and taught classes on television, and local newspapers also featured articles about me.

Cultivators Must Look Within to Find Attachments

I was reported to the city party secretary in July 2013 for distributing Dafa truth clarification materials in the school. I looked inside for why I was persecuted, and found that I was affected by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) brainwashing and had not done well in cultivating my speech.

I had strong attachments to showing off and fame, was arrogant and had a strong mentality for competition, resentment, and self-validation. Even worse, I often failed to keep righteous thoughts and maintain a compassionate mind, especially when I faced the temptation of fame and personal gain. Faced with the persecution, I was not able to believe in Master and the Fa with all my heart. I was determined to correct myself and let go of these attachments.

Looking Within When Facing Rejection

A new principal came to our school in September 2013. He knew my abilities, but because he feared the CCP's guilt by association policy he did not allow me to teach. He assigned me the job of a laboratory technician.

The school had not had a full-time laboratory technician for years and the technician’s office had been turned into a storage room. Facing the mess in the office, I felt somewhat lonely and sad.

I calmed down and thought it over based on the Fa. I realized that loneliness and sadness are human mentalities and I sent righteous thoughts to discard them.

When I looked inside, I found that because of the many years of glory and praise, my human mentalities were inflated and my attachments to fame, personal interests and sentiments were nourished. I had developed the mentality of self-validation.

After I recognized my shortcoming, I no longer felt lonely and sad, and my mind became peaceful.

While I cleaned the office, I had all kinds of human thoughts. I felt aggrieved and lonely. My competitiveness and resentment mentality, as well as my attachment to fame and personal interest appeared again.

I felt regret and sad once I realized that I was still moved by these human notions. Therefore, my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. I was also worried and sorry that as a Dafa practitioner I still had so many notions.

I clearly knew that the new principal came to our school to be saved and meeting a Dafa practitioner was his good fortune. It was the evil behind him who rejected me. He would treat Dafa practitioners kindly if the evil were eliminated, and I should not complain about him or resent him, but send righteous thoughts.

Cultivation Is Serious

The principal’s rejection of me persisted. This created difficulties for other practitioners trying to clarify the truth about Dafa in our school, and it also caused panic by teachers and students who had quit the CCP.

Once I realized that my notions had caused the situation, I finally understood the seriousness of cultivation. This could result in very big losses.

I reminded myself that I am a practitioner and I must follow the Fa with my every thought and deed. I read the Fa more and increased the time I spend sending righteous thoughts. I joined the group Fa-study and group sending forth righteous thoughts.

Change for the Better in Principal’s Attitude

I assimilated my thoughts with the Fa and conducted myself according to the Fa. Therefore, my human notions were gradually eliminated. The principal talked to me about strategies to improve our school.

He was moved by my sincerity and was grateful for my input. He assigned me as the school consultant and gave me the best room as my office.

Inspired by the Tang Dynasty, I recommended that the school promote traditional Chinese culture and to teach moral values. My suggestions in the proposal I drafted were adopted. I gave seminars to the teachers, told them that teaching arts is inseparable from a high moral standard. I tried my best to improve the teachers positive thoughts.

At the year-end school summary meeting, the principal said, “If we have such a teacher – referring to me – teach just one class, only the children in that class will benefit. The arrangement we have helps the rest of the teachers in the school develop so all children in the school can benefit.”

All Achievements Are from the Fa

Glory and praise was mine again. However I clearly knew that all my achievements come from Dafa. When I'm praised, I say, “Falun Dafa is good.” I follow the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance daily, and walk the path of validating Dafa with righteous thoughts and actions.

The school redefined its mission. I was assigned to redefine the educational mission, school spirit and school motto. For the Teacher's Day Assembly that year, I was assigned to review all the speeches and propose changes. I changed the statement “We are the successors of …” to “We are the descendants of the Yellow Emperor” in the speeches and all articles reflected real peace and kindness. When all the school students recited the school motto I suggested, happiness filled my heart.

Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (“Zhuan Falun”)