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Witnessing the Extraordinariness of Dafa

October 18, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am 73 years old. Before I began to practice Falun Dafa, I was in poor health.

My niece gave me Zhuan Falun, the main book of Dafa, and told me that studying this book can improve one's health and elevate one's morality. I accepted the book in both hands and felt myself shiver with excitement.

I read for two hours and began to feel dizzy and nauseous. I found out later that my body was ready to let go of the illnesses that had bothered me.

When I sat in meditation 12 days later, I recalled a dream I had when I was nine years old. I saw houses, trees, and many people meditating in circles. Then, they turned on a box on a table and listened to recorded lectures.

When we had finished the exercises a few days later, our assistant said we would now listen to lectures. Two people got up, went to the table, and turned on a tape recorder. It was just as I had seen in my dream. I finally understood my childhood dream–I was predestined to learn Falun Dafa.

Family Witnesses Extraordinary Incident

I started coughing up a lot of blood on April 8, 2007. I knew that, for a practitioner, this was a good thing and just ignored it. This continued for six days. When I looked in the mirror, I could see that my tongue was purple.

My husband and children wanted to take me to the hospital, but I refused. Finally, I agreed to go to a small clinic in my neighborhood. The doctor was alarmed and told me to see an expert at a hospital. My family did not take no for an answer and took me to the hospital.

An expert and two doctors checked me. None of them knew why my tongue was so purple. They prescribed three medications. However, I would not let my family fill the prescriptions. When we returned home, my tongue was normal. My family was shocked, but they all were grateful to Dafa.

Recovering from a Serious Accident in a Month

We were in an accident when my daughter took me for a ride on her electric bike on January 8, 2012. A motorcycle hit us, and I fell unconscious.

I was taken to a hospital, where I woke up three hours later. I asked my family to take me home. However, I could not move. When I tried to eat, I vomited.

The hospital was not the place for me, so I asked to go home. The hospital director told me that I was severely injured.

“You are bleeding in the cranial cavity. You have a bump the size of an apple on your head. You have nine broken ribs and two fractures in your lumbar spine. You have abdominal effusion, dropsy, and a hemorrhage in your thorax. Due to internal bleeding, your left side from the thigh to the chest and neck is purple. It was a miracle you even survived,” said the hospital director.

After 12 days in the hospital, I had a fever every night for about three hours, and then returned to normal without any medication. The doctors were puzzled.

This went on for four days, and I thought that it was a hint that I should go home. I thought that, if I had no fever that night, I would leave for home. Sure enough, I had no fever that night.

I insisted on being discharged the next day. However, the doctor and my family objected because I was in no condition to go home. That night, the fever returned.

“I will have no fever at home. I will sign a statement absolving the doctor from any responsibility once I leave the hospital,” I said to my husband.

After I returned home, I refused to take any medication and did not wear any of the supports the hospital had given me. However, I still could not move.

After three days, I forced myself to stand up after I had asked Master Li, the founder of Dafa, to strengthen me. I could then get up and walk. My family witnessed this and all thanked Master Li. It took about a month to recover completely from the injuries.

I went for an exam at the hospital because I wanted the doctors and hospital staff to see how well I recovered. They were amazed.

From then on, I have felt that my body is light, I walk as though treading on air, and I am never tired regardless of how far I walk.

Dropping My Lawsuit Against the Motorcyclist

My insurance policy stipulates that any motor vehicle accident-related medical expenses are not reimbursable. My medical bill was 34,000 yuan.

The motorcyclist paid 7,000 yuan during my hospitalization and then never answered or returnedany phone calls. Without my knowledge, my family filed charges against him and spent 4,000 yuan on legal expenses. The lawyer estimated we would get a total of 120,000 yuan in compensation, and I was told that the driver could afford it.

Once I found out, I strongly objected, because, as a practitioner, I should treat others with compassion. However, I could not convince my family to drop the suit.

While I tried to deal with my family, I heard about three accidents that resulted in severe injuries. None of the victims were compensated because the guilty drivers could not afford it.

I understood that I had to withdraw the case. I asked my children, “What is more important–your mother's life, or money?” My family finally agreed to drop the suit.