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We Need to Discipline Ourselves with the Requirements of Falun Gong

October 10, 2015 |   By a practitioner in Hubei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Through interaction with other practitioners, I've found that many of them feel good about themselves and do things based on their notions. More specifically, if something that is required of them for doing Dafa work fits their mood, notions or conditions, they will do it; otherwise, they remain passive or even oppose doing it.

All of these are rooted in selfishness and is not the way a genuine practitioner is supposed to look at things.

We each live and work in different settings, but can all remain diligent according to our situations.

For example, some families have several practitioners with computers and printers, but they rarely produce Falun Gong informational materials; others are retired and have lots of spare time, but rarely go out to talk to people about Falun Gong or the persecution. Some practitioners only distribute a small amount of informational materials each week, and spend the rest of their time studying the Fa, taking care of their children / grandchildren or even occasionally playing mahjong.

Approximately 50 practitioners in our city are still practicing and doing the three things that Master asks us to do, but only about 10% of them are diligent. The situation is probably similar in other cities. That is, some of us study the Fa and do the exercises every day, but seldom check to see if what we have done meets the criteria of a Dafa Disciple.

When we make excuses for ourselves, we could be trapped in the attachment of fear or comfort without realizing it. I hope that practitioners could all read Teacher's article Be Clearheaded again and improve on this.

The time remaining for our cultivation practice is limited. We really need to make the best of our opportunities to rectify ourselves and save more people. This includes participating in the recent lawsuits against former leader Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution of Falun Gong.

As Dafa disciples, we should walk on the paths arranged by Teacher, not the old forces.