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The Will to Truly Cultivate Lies Within Ourselves

October 01, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Brazil


 In the past month, it has been difficult for me to study with a peaceful mind. Numerous attachments to selfishness, fear, greed and to prove one’s value were exposed. A profound selfishness began to spread in my mind, and I no longer wanted to cultivate. It appeared that I was chosen to be an everyday human being, which seemed an easier path than cultivation.

These thoughts made me believe that I'm not worthy of this cultivation way. Transcending the realm of humanity requires constant losses and sacrifice. At all times, my every thought tests whether I can move forward in cultivation and overcome my unwillingness to cultivate.

After some time, the thought karma and attachments weakened. My perseverance and determination emerged. I have now resolved to accept any cost to become one with Dafa. I accept that practicing cultivation is something I am destined to do.

I will face the difficulties that I encounter at all levels head on. My wish is to save people with this compassion that has emerged. I will give up every selfish thought to do what Master has taught us to do. Is this blind faith? No. I believe this is wisdom, because it is a path of tranquility.

Cultivating unconditionally requires the greatest effort of me, because all of the worldly temptations and difficulties discourage me from achieving this inner tranquility.

Master said,

“When your compassionate nature emerges, you will do things with much kindness. From your inner heart to your outer appearance, everyone will be able to see that you are really kind. At that point no one will mistreat you anymore. If someone were to treat you unfairly then, your heart of great compassion would take effect and you wouldn’t do the same to him in return. That is a type of power, a power that makes you different from everyday people.” (“Chapter III Cultivation of Character,” Falun Gong)

Cultivating myself in Falun Dafa is not easy, but it is the way that my innermost self has always wanted. If I can say something to encourage fellow practitioners, it is this: Do not be discouraged in cultivation, and do not be moved by human attachments. They are nothing when compared to the eternity of Dafa.

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