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Reading Zhuan Falun Freed My Mind of the CCP's Lies and Freed My Body of Illness

January 08, 2015 |   By an practitioner in Liaoning Province

(Minghui.org) Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I was misled by propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and once treated a practitioner as if he was a fool.

As a widow, I struggled, especially financially, to raise two children. To make matters worse, I developed a serious disease. Fortunately, my second-oldest brother paid several hundred thousand yuan of my medical fees, and he allowed us to move into his family's house. In addition, he paid for my children's schooling.

When my health improved a little, I started to help a little around the house by cleaning the floor. I was still weak, and it took me several days to sweep the floor, which was about 100 square meters. Later, my brother let my family move into one of their other houses, and I looked after their granddaughter. In return, they paid me 500 yuan monthly. Because of my brother's steady financial assistance, my sister-in-law became upset, and she always tried to obstruct me. During this time, I was still physically and mentally exhausted.

Opening to Change

My oldest brother passed away many years ago, and his wife was living frugally with her two children. Moreover, all three were Falun Gong practitioners. She often visited me and encouraged me to practice Falun Gong. Because I was misled by the propaganda about Falun Gong, I was disgusted by what she suggested.

Although she was poor, she was always very generous with me. This touched my heart. One day in 2009, she again encouraged me to practice Falun Gong. This time, I did not right away reject her, but I was still insincere about it. “I will give it a try,” I said. “Bring me a book, I guess.” At that moment, I did not intend to read Zhuan Falun because my other brother would not support me financially if he knew that I was studying Falun Gong.

However, I forced myself to read the book while the child I took care of was asleep. About a week later, my sister-in-law visited and asked if I had finished the book. I told her that had not finished it yet. “But, I think that this book is good,” I added. “Falun Gong is different from what I have heard. Could you give me more time? I plan to read though it a second time.” She told me to take my time and that she would visit soon.

During the second read, I realized that the content of the book was upright. I doubted if I could reach the standards discussed in it, yet I did not want to give up hope. When my sister-in-law came to see me again, I shared these thoughts with her. She was excited and encouraged me to keep reading. She also left me a pocket-sized copy of Zhuan Falun before she left. Thus, I was able carry it with me in my purse everywhere I went.

A Genuine Cultivator

Since then, I have studied the Fa every day. Another relative by marriage, also a practitioner, brought me the exercise video, and I learned how to do the exercises. Soon my health improved, and all my illnesses and any other symptoms disappeared, which included headaches, insomnia, indigestion, tinnitus, and constipation. To my surprise, the pain also disappeared from an area where I had surgery.

Today, I am very happy, my cheeks are rosy, and I have a lot of energy. Moreover, my children have also benefitted from the Fa. I hope anyone biased against Falun Gong changes their opinion.

It is Master Li who has given me a second life!

Thank you, Master!