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Letting Go of Attachments While Rescuing Persecuted Practitioners

January 29, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I managed to let go of many human attachments while helping obtain the release of detained Falun Gong practitioners. I began working on this after two elderly practitioners were arrested while talking to people about the persecution of Falun Gong at a local railway station in May of last year.

Practitioners in our area cooperated with each other initially, and worked hard to get them released. However, the practitioners involved later developed differing views, and gradually split into two groups. As a result, they no longer cooperated with each other.

The “Two Groups”

This wasn't the first time that practitioners in our area had been divided on issues. One group was quick to act and mainly focused on “action,” caring less about the results. The other group focused more on the “outcome,” rather than the amount of projects undertaken.

For a long time, practitioners in each group harbored notions about practitioners in the other group. They often appeared very defensive and would not accept criticism from the other group. One excuse often used was, “You can only criticize me if you have done better.”

Looking Inward

I used to belong to the group that was focused on the “outcome,” even though I understood that every practitioner should assimilate to the Fa and act as one body. But I refused to change my mindset.

Since I was one of the local coordinators, I tried to avoid direct confrontation with the other group. So when the other group organized practitioners to go to police stations and call on the authorities to release detained practitioners, sent forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to where the practitioners were being held, or held experience sharing conferences, I agreed with their proposals, but emphasized that “our group” would stay behind to send forth righteous thoughts to support their actions. I chose not to participate, but was still “cooperative” on the surface.

Some practitioners gave my phone number to practitioners from the other group, and they began sharing with me, and trying to convince me to agree with their plans. When I mentioned that it wasn't safe to give out my phone number, practitioners thought that I was fearful.

One day, five practitioners wanted to share some understandings with me, but it turned out that they wanted to criticize me. They advised me to let go of the attachment to the “general coordinator” title, stop using a Party culture mindset when thinking of things, and try to convince the other group to call off their plans.

I felt wronged. The title “general coordinator” was given to me by other practitioners. Do I have an attachment to the title, even though I didn't ask for it?

I had held back my objections, and agreed to all their action plans. How can I be more cooperative?

After they left, I looked inward and tried to find my attachment. But I couldn't figure out what it was.

I read an article on the Minghui website two days later that allowed me to immediately see my problems.

Even though I hadn't asked for the title of “general coordinator,” and I tried to be low key, I still looked at matters from the perspective of a person with authority.

My understanding is that a coordinator has some responsibilities, but should not be attached to fame or think that he or she is above other practitioners. My duty is to validate the Fa, assist Master in Fa-rectification, and save sentient beings.

I now realize that I was thinking from a Party culture perspective. It wasn't about my opinions being right or wrong, the problem was my intention to force others to go along with my plans. I also looked down on a few practitioners.

Becoming One Body and Doing what Master Requires

Seeing that I had so many attachments, I fell into a negative state and told a practitioner that I no longer wanted to be the coordinator. I just wanted to be a good practitioner.

As soon as I went home and began studying the Fa, one passage stuck in my mind.

Master said,

“Abandoning ordinary human attachments does not mean giving up an everyday person’s job.” (“Cultivation and Work” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

This experience made me realize that a coordinator should be considerate of others and arrange tasks with a compassionate and peaceful heart. Being a coordinator is most likely a part of my prehistoric vow to Master.

I can sometimes see things in other dimensions or in different time spaces with my celestial eye (more often in dreams). I once saw that I had a relationship with many local practitioners, including the two who were detained. Some were members of practitioners' families.

I saw that they had been punished and expelled to a lower realm for violating some heavenly law. I vowed to Master that I would help them, and that we'd make it out of the tribulation together.

I voluntarily went down to the lower realm and established relations with them in an attempt to try and save them. However, in the end only four or five people were able to leave there with me.

For a long time, I took what I saw in the dream as fate, and unintentionally fell into the old forces' trap, allowing myself to believe that it was them deciding who can return to their original worlds and who shall be eliminated.

I now understand that I should not allow this thought to manifest in my mind, and should walk on the path arranged by Master, and fulfill my vows.

I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to strengthen the willpower of practitioners in detention centers, and of those working to rescue them. I sent forth righteous thoughts to fill my environment with positive energy and cleanse myself.

I deny the old forces' arrangements, strengthen those practitioners who have been interfered with by the old forces, and eliminate all evil lives and factors interfering with Master's Fa-rectification.

The next time a practitioner from the “other group” shared with me, my attitude changed from “cooperate where I can” to “do what the Fa wants me to do.” I also openly expressed my opinions, but was not attached to them if they were not adopted. I understand that sharing based on the Fa is being responsible to fellow practitioners. Holding back our understanding is actually being irresponsible.

The problems between the two groups have since disappeared, and how to go about clarifying the facts, along with other problems, have been resolved. We all understand that focusing on doing things without cultivating oneself will not manifest the power of the Fa. On the other hand, only studying the Fa without clarifying the facts and saving people does not meet the standard for Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners.

While trying to rescue practitioners, we should focus on strengthening each other with our righteous thoughts and deny any persecution from the old forces.

I believe that when all practitioners assimilate to the Fa, any attempts made by the old forces to persecute practitioners will cease to exist. We should do what Master wants. It is time to let go of self, assimilate into the Fa, become one body, assist Master in Fa-rectification, and save sentient beings.

Please point out anything inappropriate.