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Lumps Disappear after Watching Shen Yun DVDs

January 13, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) My young cousin from Yinchuan called me on June 15, 2014. He told me his wife was sick with a rare illness, and a large, soft lump had grown on her neck. The doctor told them it could rupture.

She had another lump the size of a walnut on her left heel. One of her knees was swollen, and she could not bend that leg.

The doctors in the provincial hospital thought that she should have surgery immediately, but their equipment was limited, and they were unable to perform the necessary biopsy. They recommended that she see a specialist in the Medical Research Institute of the Beijing Tumor Hospital.

My wife and I are over 70 years old, but we are both Falun Gong practitioners. We live in Beijing, and that is why they called me. I told them to come over as soon as possible.

They asked some relatives to take care of their child, and they arrived in Beijing on June 18. I could see they were both depressed, and we felt bad for them. My cousin’s wife was in a lot of pain and needed medication frequently.

Not wasting a second, we told them about Falun Gong and its miraculous effect on improving health. We also told them the Chinese communist regime had lied about Falun Gong. They listened very carefully. We then explained that the illness was caused by karma—it was something supernatural and could only be cured completely through cultivation.

We also told them that it was a predestined relationship that they came to us, and as long as they believed in Master and Falun Gong, nothing would be impossible to cure. Then we played a Shen Yun DVD for them. They watched attentively.

After about a half-an-hour, I saw my cousin’s wife looking into a mirror. Then she exclaimed, “Look! My lump has gotten smaller!” She felt a sensation in her neck as soon as she started watching the performance, and, when she touched it, it indeed felt smaller. She was very happy and appreciative of Master. She continued to watch the performance and occasionally glanced in the mirror. She said over and over, “This is truly a miracle”

They watched the entire two-hour performance. Even though my cousin’s wife was very ill and had been on a train all day, she said she was not at all tired. This, too, was a miracle. We then taught them the five exercises. They paid attention and learned quickly.

My cousin’s wife reacted very strongly, and she had difficulty even standing still. We told them that Master was purifying her body, and she should continue even if she was in pain. She took our advice and continued.

After dinner we helped their entire family quit the Chinese Communist Party. My cousin’s wife had had insomnia for many years, but that night she slept very well. She was in awe and kept repeating, “It’s miraculous.” The lump on her heel also disappeared over night, leaving no trace and no pain, even when she walked.

The next day they went to the hospital, where they saw the specialist who examined her neck and took a biopsy. The doctor said it was just general inflammation. My cousin and his wife were both very happy; they were so grateful to Master for saving her.

They stayed with us for seven days. They read through Zhuan Falun and some of the other lectures. They have since started on their path of Falun Gong cultivation.