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A Few Words on Disintegrating Brainwashing Centers

September 24, 2014 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Why do brainwashing centers still exist in many parts of China? My view is that this is because the old forces deem them necessary on account of our cultivation status not being up to par.

Most of us have cultivated over ten years. Let us ask this question: Do we have the firm and indestructible faith of the truth of the universe? If we would rather give up life than the Fa, can brainwashing centers still exist? I believe that the fundamental medium for their existence is the attachment to life and death.

If this is the fundamental reason, then how do we disintegrate them? Send forth righteous thoughts? Send forth righteous thoughts at close proximity? Expose the crimes online?

If we can not let go of life and death, no matter what method we use, I believe that it will be futile. A person can accomplish a great deal after he relinquishes his fear of death. Will there be anything we cannot achieve if so many Falun Dafa practitioners are able to rid themselves of the constraints of life and death?

Eliminate the fear inside us; we can disintegrate brainwashing centers. I truly believe it to be an issue of solid cultivation.

The solution seems simple and even superficial, but many practitioners fail to get the point, not because they are not bright, but because of fear. They use human craftiness, hoping to find a simple way to disintegrate brainwashing centers. This, I believe, is nothing more than wishful thinking.

If one cannot face their fear head on, one cannot face brainwashing centers, which subsequently allowed the persecution to grow rampant. Dafa practitioners have put up with evil and left gaps which allowed the evil elements to create massive interference. This has caused the environment to be so much worse.

I believe that more Dafa practitioners will firm up their righteous thoughts, stop acknowledging the persecution, and close the gaps which allow such severe interference to continue.