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Teacher Cured My Hunchback

September 23, 2014 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Beijing, China

(Minghui.org) My wife went to visit her aunt just before the Chinese New Year in 1996. She returned with a copy of Zhuan Falun. She told me it was a qigong book that she intended to read.

Initially I was surprised. Then I remembered that qigong was known to heal illness. I was not only ill, I had a hunchback, something that could not be cured by medical means. If qigong could heal me, that would be truly wonderful. I wanted to give it a try.

When my wife finished reading the book, I borrowed it from her and began to read. Once I started, I didn't want to stop reading it until I had finished. Then we both decided to practice Falun Gong. Three days later, we went to Dongdan Park to find the exercise site. That is how we began our cultivation in Falun Dafa.

The following August our assistant told us that Teacher Li's Fa lecture videos would be played at the town hall. Anyone who wanted to attend could ask him for an admission ticket.

I was very anxious to attend! After the first lecture, my body was very comfortable, and my spirits were high. The next day, after lunch, I had an alcoholic drink before returning to the lecture hall. Soon after, my stomach began to hurt. I needed to vomit and then I had diarrhea. I missed some of the lecture because I had to keep returning to the restroom with diarrhea, but after that, I felt very good, my belly stopped hurting, and I felt very relaxed.

After I came home, I lit a cigarette. It tasted awful, and my mouth became numb. I stopped smoking and threw my cigarettes away. From that moment on I quit smoking and drinking. I never imagined this would happen; I am truly grateful to Teacher.

While doing the sitting meditation at night, after the first half hour, I felt my body become extremely comfortable and light. With continued Fa-study and doing the exercises, gradually I could hold up my head.

Sometime after that, while doing the sitting meditation, I suddenly heard a "click" in my lower back, then my back straightened up, and my hunchback totally disappeared! I had only been practicing for six months. It was truly miraculous. I was very happy!

I knelt down in front of Teacher's portrait. I said: “Teacher, thank you! Thank you, Dafa! This Fa is truly great. I will follow you, Teacher, and cultivate to the end!” I truly appreciate Teacher for giving me a new life!