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Blood Samples Forcibly Taken from Practitioners in Panjin City

September 17, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) It is widely believed that communist officials in China have subjected Falun Gong practitioners to a highly organized and systematic campaign of forced organ harvesting. The situation generates millions in illicit profits for corrupt officials.

Numerous reports of non-routine blood and tissue sampling of Falun Gong practitioners suggest efforts to catalogue a living organ bank – a database of available organs that can be harvested at will and sold to unsuspecting “organ tourists” to China.

It is thus worrisome that practitioners living in Panjin City were taken to a local police station to have blood samples drawn against their will.

Claiming that their actions were related to criminal cases they were investigating, police officers in Panjin City took practitioners to local police station where they were coerced to fill out forms with their personal information. Their fingerprints, palm prints, signatures, and blood samples were collected at the same time. The practitioners were reportedly told that their DNA was needed so their previous records of arrests, detention, and sentences could be erased and they wouldn't be bothered again by police.

The police cut each practitioner's finger with a razor blade and smeared the blood on a special paper attached to the back of the “criminal record” forms that the practitioners were forced to complete.

Zhenxing Police Station alone collected blood samples from more than 40 practitioners within it's jurisdiction. Officer Zhang Qiang is said to be in charge of the task and the process is supervised by director Yuan.

In one incident, officers from Xinglong Police Station arrested a local practitioner's child when they visited the practitioner's home. Fear caused the child to shake uncontrollably at the police station and he apparently suffered from a tremendous amount of mental distress.

Police stations in Panjin City are reportedly expanding quickly in terms of staff size and number of sections and various offices. At least one to two teams of police officers are assigned to each specific community within the police station's jurisdiction.