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Making More Phone Calls to Save People, Leaving No Reason for Regret

August 07, 2014 |   By a practitioner in Australia

(Minghui.org) I joined the Queensland RTC phone calling team in early June 2013, to let people in China know the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution, and to help them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Through this, I felt how precious this opportunity is.

After making phone calls every day, practitioners from all over the world come together on the platform to share their experiences and learn from one another. They shared how they dealt with difficult situations that arose and what they understood from the Fa principles after encountering these tests. I was very touched when I saw so many practitioners coming together on the platform. This interaction left a deep impression on me.

After the 2014 New Year, several practitioners on the platform said that they make a few hundred phone calls to China every day and that their other time was filled with studying the Fa and doing the exercises. I was inspired by this and started to increase the number of phone calls I made. Not long after, another practitioner talked about how to persuade various kinds of people to quit the CCP. I have also noticed that many practitioners have a calm and cordial tone when making phone calls, which helps people feel comfortable and at ease.

I also participated in the broadcasting project team to make phone call scripts. I combined practitioners' experiences and came up with a short broadcast. I paid attention to my tone when making the recording. Since this is a phone call, our voices are the carrier for emitting energy. When we speak, what we say needs to be kind but serious, so that each word touches people's hearts.

Practitioners on the platform came up with the analogy of the “Nine Pancakes”. When sentient beings listen to practitioners explain the facts, it is like each time they listen they are eating a pancake. They may not be willing to quit the Party when they first hear the facts. But after listening to the next few calls by different practitioners, they finally understand, and by then have finished their pancakes. At that time, they would naturally want to quit the Party. I have come across such a person when I made phone calls. This person said: “You have called me many times. I already know what you're going to talk about.” I then asked him if he had quit yet. He replied, “Not yet.” I said, “Let me help you quit,” and he agreed.

Dafa disciples are one body and complement each other as the world's people learn about Falun Gong from various channels.

I have enlightened from the Fa principles that I can better save sentient beings only by cultivating myself well. I became a practitioner in 2009, but I still had trouble balancing my everyday life. Sometimes I did a good job, and other times I performed poorly.

One day in early March 2014, when my husband and I were talking, the conversation of couples' relationships breaking down came up. I said, “If I didn't cultivate Dafa, I don't know if we would still be together.” My husband's reply touched me. He said, “I have never thought of leaving you.” I realized that my thoughts were not right. On the surface, it seemed as though I was trying to validate the Fa, but in actuality, I was showing off. As I eliminated my acquired notions, my relationship with my husband became more harmonious.

Master strengthened me. A few days later I made a breakthrough in making phone calls, and the number of people who I managed to help quit the CCP increased. First, ten people quit in one night, followed by thirteen the next night. I told myself that I have to continue and break through to help more people quit. As a result, eighteen people quit and later twenty. At that time, I felt that Master was pulling me up, as I passed through the fog and clouds, going upwards.

I send forth righteous thoughts when making phone calls on the platform. First, it is to eliminate the evil beings and factors that obstruct people from understanding the facts and help the sentient being's knowing side come to the forefront. Second, it is to eliminate the old forces in my dimensional field and cleanse it continuously, expanding the capacity of my heart, cultivating compassion and using the purest heart to save sentient beings.

I once clarified the facts to a young woman on the RTC platform. When I asked if she would like to quit the CCP, she said abruptly that she doesn't need to quit. My heart was not moved, and she suddenly changed her attitude completely. I continued to talk to her and told her that Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. When I finished speaking, she thanked me repeatedly for calling her.

Regardless of whether sentient beings have joined the Party, Youth League or Young Pioneers, I clarify the facts to them since we are the only hope for them to be saved. I do not have an attachment to the number of people that quit, but remind myself that I'm responsible for saving every person with a predestined relationship.

I re-adjusted my schedule of studying the Fa and doing the exercises so that I could better coordinate with others in making phone calls. I changed my Fa study time to the mornings and used the evenings to make phone calls.

I had to overcome many difficulties during this process. Initially, there was no wireless Internet in my house. So, I convinced my family to change to a wireless modem so that I could use my notebook to do Dafa work. Then I found that we didn't have enough Internet usage, because during the peak period – afternoon to midnight, I have to make phone calls and my family members download videos. The usage was huge. In order to solve this problem, I bought a new cell phone and signed up for a monthly plan that comes with Internet access. However, this plan had a limit to the amount of everyday usage and did not provide access to the Internet for a long time. Later, I changed to another company that also provides Internet access. I found that it was not bad after trying it out for two months.

I have only one thought during the whole process: to make phone calls and save people. Nothing can stop me from doing this. I could not go to tourist sites to clarify the facts and save people due to various reasons. However, I could pick up the phone and make calls. I will also try to squeeze out time to make phone calls during the day.

I had a dream not long after I joined the RTC platform. In my dream, I saw that the sky was gloomy, with dark clouds. There was an old ship with small groups of people standing together wearing life jackets. When we came to the side of the ship I noticed that it was sinking. After I woke up, I understood that Master is hinting me to save more people quickly on the RTC platform. Those who were wearing the life jackets have already made their choice in their hearts and are waiting for us to save them.

Master said:

“Everything is about to reach the end, and you’ve seen it. What is on Earth is a corresponding reflection of the cosmos. Increasingly, the upright and the just are prevailing, whereas the evil things are going down. It’s even to the point that those who have directly taken part in the persecution of Dafa disciples are living in a state of constant fear and anxiety. Before, they made Dafa disciples live in constant fear. Now it’s their turn to suffer for it. So, having come to this point, just think about it: how much is left on the journey? There really isn’t long left on the road of Dafa disciples saving sentient beings and fulfilling their missions.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference”)

Practitioners should not be attached to time because everything is controlled by Master. No matter when the Fa rectification ends, we have to take clarifying the facts seriously and not leave any reason for regret.

Thank you Master for giving us this opportunity to help Master rectify the Fa, and thank you practitioners for the selfless giving in maintaining this pure cultivation environment.

The above is my cultivation experience on the RTC platform. Since my level is limited, please kindly out any areas that are not on the Fa.