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Xi'an Police Tell Family, "We Don't Need a Reason to Arrest You!"

August 19, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Shanxi Province, China

(Minghui.org) Officers from Kunming Road Police Station in Xi'an City illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Yuan Guangwu and Ms. Zhang Cuicui on July 17, 2014. When the couple's children and relatives went to visit them at the police station on the morning of July 19, the police treated them brutality and arrested their daughters. An officer yelled, “We use violence when we enforce the law and we don't need a reason to arrest you.”

Police Hides Reason for Arrest of Practitioners

Mr. Yuan and Ms. Zhang, who are from Liquan County, worked in Xi'an City. Kunming Road Police Station officers arrested them in Nan'erfu Village on Xisanhuan Road along with several other practitioners. The police claimed that villagers told them the practitioners were murderers.

Practitioners' Relatives Arrested

The couple's family, who didn't know their whereabouts until two days later, went to the Kunming Road Police Station to see them on the morning of July 18. The officer on duty told them that the couple was not there and then blocked the exit and made a phone call. Another officer tried to close the rolling gate.

The family noticed that something was wrong and tried to leave. More officers came to stop them. Additionally, about a dozen officers came downstairs to try to detain the family.

During the struggle, Mr. Yuan and Ms. Zhang's son got away but their two daughters didn't. Several officers pushed the older sister down. One stepped on her neck, one stepped on her back, and another held her legs. The younger sister tried to hold on to the rolling gate, but the police pulled her away and dragged her back to the police station. The sisters were handcuffed.

The sisters were injured during the struggle (see photos). The younger sister's hands were cut deeply and bled a lot.

Mistreating Practitioners' Family Members

The sisters asked the police, “We came here to visit our parents. That's not illegal, so why do you detain us?” A policeman yelled, “We enforce the law with violence and don't need a reason to arrest you. You violate the law when I say you do.”

The sisters were interrogated in separate rooms. Two officers had the older sister stand against the wall and asked her if she practiced Falun Dafa. She refused to answer.

One of them took out an iPhone to take her photo. She refused to stay still. The two officers then began to slander the founder of Falun Dafa. She said that she didn't violate any law and they shouldn't treat her that way. An officer said, “Here, I am the law,” and slapped her face. Later they burned two photos of the founder of Falun Dafa.

She heard loud noises from the other room and worried that the police were beating her younger sister. She demanded to see her. The officers took her to the other room and let her see. They took her back and continued to interrogate her. She still refused to cooperate.

The two officers continued to burn photos of the founder of Falun Dafa and forced her to watch. They threatened to torture her if she refused to. In the end, the two sisters were put in the same room. The older sister's hands were bleeding. The police put some cigarette ash on it to stop the bleeding.

After several hours of interrogation and torture, the two sisters still didn't know exactly where there parents were. The older sister vomited several times and fainted once. The younger sister asked the police to take off her handcuffs so that she could take care of her sister. The police refused and said that they had called the paramedics.

The paramedics came and measured the older sister's heart rate at 140 beats per minute. A police officer demanded that they sign a so-called “deposition” and a waiver for medical treatment before he let the paramedics take the two sisters away.

One policeman told the sisters to be careful while another threatened to have them fired from their jobs if they didn't cooperate with the “investigation.”