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Good Health Comes After Attending Falun Dafa Lectures in Guangzhou

August 17, 2014 |   By Shu Xian, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1994. I'm still excited when I think back to the days when I attended Master's lecture in Guangzhou. (Master Li is the founder of Falun Dafa) It was an unforgettable experience. Three days after I first began practicing, I learned that Master would hold lectures in Guangzhou. I flew there, bringing along a box of instant noodles for my meals.

Looking Back at the 1994 Lectures in Guangzhou

Master gave his last lecture in China on the evening of November 21, 1994. It was held it in a big stadium in Guangzhou, a place that could hold 7,000 people. Eleven practitioners from my hometown attended the lectures.

Master sat in the middle of the stadium and I was only about two meters away from him. We arrived at the stadium early every day waiting for Master to come and tried unsuccessfully to find out from which gate he would enter. For the entire nine lectures, Master came and left without us realizing where he came from or where he went, but this night he sat very close.

When I saw Master for the first time, I was struck by how tall he is, taller than any practitioner I knew at the time. I wore a thick coat while others wore summer clothes. Master looked at me. I was ashamed and lowered my head. Master looked at me several times. Then I started to spit once in a while and felt that my stomach felt better than it had before. I silently begged for Master to cure my stomach problems so I could eat rice again. I could not eat fruit either, only thin soups. I also suffered from atrophic gastritis, rheumatic heart disease, bad liver, anemia and hemafecia.

On the third day, Master purified our bodies. He asked us to think of a disease or a relative's disease to be cured. He stood up and waved his hand while walking a half circle of the stadium. Master grabbed something into his hand and threw it onto the ground. I saw what I understood to be black qi rise up a meter high. Master stepped onto it and the black qi came down. Master walked another half circle and grabbed something again into his hand. This time Master became even taller and bigger and kept me from seeing anything.

My body was so light when walking from the stadium to my hotel. I felt like I was flying.

At the hotel, practitioners shared what they had experienced during the lecture. I told them that I sensed that the dark qi was very black and when Master stepped onto it, it turned white. Practitioners came to ask me what else I saw. There were over one hundred practitioners in the hotel but no one else had seen what I saw.

Experiencing the Cleansing of the Body

On the third of the nine days of lectures, I realized that I now had a Falun. It was just like Master said. During the lectures a Falun was placed in each of our abdominal areas. I presumed from this that Master must be some kind of Buddha. Before I had come to Guangzhou, my hands, feet and whole body were swollen. But now, I felt great and had turned into another person.

It was cold in Guangzhou in November. But I didn't feel cold. I sweated all night long and my body was sticky. It smelled like all the medicines I'd ever ingested were sweating out of me. It was like that for the entire nine days.

My perspective of the world had changed. My head became empty. I had never felt that my body was light during the past 36 years.

Master purified my body during all lectures. I was very grateful to Master. I didn't feel sleepy and sometimes I didn't have time to sleep at night during those nine days, but I didn't feel tired. My body was very comfortable.

No matter how rampant the evil runs, I firmly believe in Master and Dafa. I am diligent in my Fa study, send righteous thoughts and talk to people about the goodness of Falun Dafa. During this final time of the Fa-rectification period, I will try my best to cultivate more diligently and leave no regrets for myself.