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Pursuing Comfort and Leisure Achieves Nothing

July 02, 2014 |   By practitioner Tianshanxuelian in China

(Minghui.org) Fa rectification is approaching its final stage, but numerous Dafa practitioners are falling behind due to their pursuit of comfort and leisure. Master has shed tears many times for those disciples, as Master cherishes us more than we do ourselves.

The pursuit of comfort and leisure will deplete the will of diligence and make one gradually lose one's vigilance, much like a silkworm nibbling on its food while producing a cocoon and creating a separation. One must take preventive measures as soon as it surfaces, before it is too late.

I have noticed that many fellow practitioners do not seem to have a sense of urgency. Many go on vacation and act as if they only want to enjoy life. They spend a lot of time shopping and decorating their homes. I have noticed the old forces reinforcing these attachments in other dimensions. Some practitioners have become more attached to comfort, and no longer get up to exercise every morning. When they do get up to exercise, they often go back to sleep afterwards. Some are still very attached to delicious food, and spend a great deal of time making various gourmet meals, claiming that they are only conforming to ordinary society. They don't realize that diligent fellow practitioners save time when going out to do Dafa-related work by packing a simple bun and some water.

When I worked in a materials production center, in order to save time and money I ate plain noodles with a bit of chili sauce for flavor. We of course need to pay attention to family members who are not practitioners, but we should remember not to go overboard in the things we do.

When all is over, there will be a judgment day. Every Dafa practitioner will kneel in front of the Lord Buddha. Everyone has to describe whether they tried their best. Did they devote and dedicate to the duty fully? Did they diligently advance forward? Did they deceive the Lord Buddha? Did they fulfill their vows? I hope no one will have regrets for wasting too much time. I've seen some fellow practitioners who are pursuing comfort and leisure, and their bodies in another dimension are already in hell, waiting to be eliminated. This is a sad and serious matter.

Pursuing comfort and leisure achieves nothing. King Zhou pursued comfort and leisure, indulged himself in lust and wine, and ended up losing his country and burning to death at Lutai.

Jingzhou principal governor Cao Kan was from the Dongjing Era. He was sent to Guangzhou, and in order to preserve his willpower and minimize the pursuit of comfort and leisure, he carried a brick daily. He was later knighted as Changsha Public Official (equivalent to Duke), and was blessed.

As cultivators, we do not seek blessings. We achieve consummation for ourselves and our sentient beings' eternal lives. As Fa-rectification Dafa disciples, if we cannot consummate, there will not be another chance, let alone blessings. Dafa practitioners with celestial eyes open have seen the final scene of diligent Dafa practitioners following Master home. Those who were not able to reach consummation were eliminated along with the old earth, the old forces, and those sentient beings who were not able to be saved.

Let us remind and encourage each other, and diligently follow our paths as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.