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I Saw Master's Law Body Before I Started Practicing Falun Dafa

June 20, 2014 |   By a practitioner from Hebei, China

(Minghui.org) I am seventy years old. I started to practice Falun Dafa on October 7, 1997. Due to the Communist Party's propaganda, I used to be an atheist and didn't believe in Buddhas or Gods. One miraculous experience, however, changed my perspective.

We learned that a qigong master from Shanghai was coming to our city in 1992. My husband bought several tickets because my father-in-law had a serious illness and my husband wanted him to benefit from this qigong seminar. He didn't buy a ticket for me because I was not interested and didn't want to go. When the day came, my husband's sister called and told us that she was not able to go.

Beam of Yellow Light

My mother-in-law and my husband insisted that I go to the seminar, so I reluctantly went along. That night when I went to bed, I saw a beam of yellow light fall on my bed through the window. My whole body was bathed in the light. I got up and went to the balcony and saw a man in a yellow robe, sitting in the sky radiating strong light. The yellow light was coming from him.

Surprised, I woke my husband and said, “Look, there is a man in the sky in a yellow robe. His whole body is emitting light. His light is shining on our bed!” He got out of bed and went to the balcony. He stared at the sky for some time, then came back and said, “I can’t see anything. Is it the qigong master you saw today?” I said, “No, it's not him. He was small and thin. People had to help him walk.

No, it's not the same person. This man was tall and big, sitting in the lotus position with his hands placed on top of his legs. He was sitting in the sky. How could he manage to sit in the sky?” My husband couldn't see him and didn't believe me. He went back to bed.

I was not able to sleep. I lay in bed with the yellow lights shining on me. I felt very comfortable, but I became scared when the lights would not go away. What should I do? I pulled the blanket over my head and closed my eyes, but it didn't work. I still sensed the yellow light just as if my eyes were open. I got out of bed and lay down on the floor with the blanket covering me, but that didn't work either. I took all my clothes out of the closet and got inside the closet, but the lights were still shining on me. I went to the kitchen and put an iron wok over my head and thought this would surely keep the yellow lights out, but still it didn't work. I got nervous. Wherever I went, the yellow lights followed me. I didn't know what to do. It was 3:30 a.m. I had no choice but to let the lights shine on me, and I went back to bed.

The next day I went to work and asked my colleagues: “Did you see a man sitting in the sky in a yellow robe radiating with yellow lights at about 10:30 p.m.? They said they didn't see him. Some asked if I was dreaming. I said, “No, it was not a dream. The lights are still shining on me now.” They didn't believe me. Some said, “You are an atheist and don't believe in anything. Why are you being so superstitious?” I felt wronged and helpless but couldn't give any evidence. They looked at me cynically and spoke to me with sarcasm.

I was not able to explain to them clearly. Why did I come across such a thing? I used to brand people who believed in Buddha or qigong treatment as “superstitious.” Now I personally experienced it. I wondered, Was it true or false? They thought it was false, but I had seen it and experienced it and the lights were still shining on me at that moment. I felt it was real, but why did other people not experience it? I couldn't figure it out so I stopped talking about it to avoid other people's sarcasm. I used to have the same attitude as they demonstrated towards me. Now I had a fundamental change in my heart. This was so real. How could I not believe it? Yes, I believed it.

Riding a bicycle one day, I felt warm with the lights shining on me, but I didn't sweat. I called out “Master.” It was so loud that the people around me turned to look. I felt shy and lowered my head. I didn't know what to say to them. The yellow lights were with me for 18 days before they gradually disappeared. I decided to look for this Master. I started to get interested in fairy tales and went to qigong masters' seminars, but I still didn't find my master.

I had had a sterilization operation in 1985. The doctor damaged my appendix during that operation and needed to do surgery on my appendix afterwards. The appendix became infected. In the following several years I had altogether six or seven operations and had quite a few scars on my stomach. I also suffered from after-effects: When I bent over, a blood clot came to the spot of the appendix surgery and it was uncomfortable. I also suffered from arthritis and took over 200 doses of Chinese herbal medicine, but I didn't get any better. I suffered from ptosis, and cerebellar capillary atrophy as well. I was constantly visiting doctors but my health became poorer and poorer. There wasn't a single day I felt comfortable.

In October 1997 one of my neighbors said to me, “You don't look well. Do you want to join me to practice some exercises?” I asked her what kind of exercise it was. She said: “Falun Gong. It is very good and for free. Practitioners are all very kind.” I said, “Ok, I will go.”

Finally Finding Master and Falun Gong

At the practice site the next morning, the assistant taught me the movements of the exercises. I felt like I had met a relative who I hadn't seen for a long long time. She kindly corrected my movements. I felt very warm in my heart.

She showed me a big picture with the illustrations and explanations of the exercise movements. When I saw the illustrations and photos of the fifth exercise, I was stunned, “Isn't he the Master I saw sitting in the sky in 1992? My goodness! I finally found Him!” I couldn't hold back my tears. My heart beat fast and my body shook. I was not able to speak for a while.

The assistant asked me what was wrong. I didn't talk to her until I calmed myself down. I said to her, “This is the Master I have been looking for.” I explained to her the whole incident of 1992. She said, “You are predestined.” I made up my mind then and there that I would follow Master until completion and would not waver under any circumstances.

Since then I have studied the Fa and practiced the exercises every day, and helped the assistant hang up the exercise illustration pictures in the park. On winter mornings I saw Master stand beside us with bare feet. I thought if Master was not afraid of the cold then I would not be afraid of the cold.

For a few days I felt my navel area was infected. Later, a dark red thing came out of my belly button. I pulled it out with a needle and saw that it was a ring-like thing with two little horns. When I looked at it more closely, I found it was a knotted thread ring which had been in my belly for over ten years. It came out all of a sudden. Since then I have been able to bend over normally and I no longer have abdominal pain. One month after I started practicing Falun Gong, all my diseases disappeared. I was able to jog the bus stop to go to Fa study.

One winter day it was cold with snow. After I finished the exercises, I saw only four practitioners had stayed. I was frozen stiff and I had a runny nose. Gradually I was able to push my bicycle home. I was trembling after I arrived home but I didn't feel cold. Since then my body became light and I felt that I had fundamentally changed.