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Thirteen Falun Gong Practitioners Illegally Arrested in Guizhou Province

May 08, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Guizhou Province, China

(Minghui.org) Thirteen Falun Gong practitioners in Guizhou Province were illegally arrested in a single week in April 2014.

Four police officers from the Chengguan Township in Dushan County harassed and arrested two practitioners at their home on April 17. Their photos were taken, they were fingerprinted and blood samples were drawn at the police station.

Ms. Wang Zhicai, Ms. Liu Ying and Ms. Zhang Mei from Guiyang City were arrested by officers from Sanjiang Police Station on April 20. They are being held at the Xiaohe Drug Rehabilitation Center.

Mr. Ye and his daughter, residing at Beijing Road in Guiyang, were arrested by officers from the Shuikousi Police Station on the afternoon of April 21. His home was ransacked.

The officers from Shuikousi Police Station also arrested Mr. Zhang Chunming and injured his daughter-in-law. They ransacked his home and confiscated many items, including two printers and computers. Practitioner Dai was also arrested and released the same day.

Ms. Zhao Ya, Ms. Zhang Juying and Mr. Xie Zhonggui were arrested by officers from the Beijing Road Police Station on April 22. Their current situation is unclear.

Ms. Hu Mingxia, an employee of the Xiuwen County Development and Reform Bureau, was secretly arrested on April 23.

Officers from the Fengxiang Police Station in Zunyi County broke into the home of Ms. Zeng Chengqin in the morning of April 18. They confiscated a copy of the book Zhuan Falun and an MP3 player.

In addition, some practitioners were harassed by officers from the Changjiang Road Police Station in the Xiaohe District and Chaoyang Police Station in the Nanming District. The police also took blood samples and photos of practitioners.

Some practitioners were also harassed by people from the Residential Committee who claimed that they were checking their residence registration.

Parties involved in the persecution:

Fengxiang Police Station: +86-852-6561921 Li Jialin (李佳临), policeman: +86-851-5925317