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How a Highly Regarded Young Teacher Clarifies the Truth at School

May 03, 2014 |   By Chuyuan, a Dafa disciple in China

(Minghui.org) I became a teacher after the Party started to persecute Falun Dafa. Because I was still young, I did not fully understand how to respond to the persecution until I finally contacted the local practitioners in my area. Later, I realized that I should clarify the truth to my students and eliminate any misunderstandings they might have.

I would like to talk about my experience of clarifying the truth in these past few years using various environments and channels under Master's care.

Clarifying the Truth Face-to-face at School

Initially, I did not know what to do about the persecution, and I could not find any practitioners in my area. Later, I noticed that some of my students had truth-clarification materials. They asked me what it was all about, and I explained about the persecution.

Under Master's arrangement, I finally found the practitioners in my area. Through interacting with them, I clearly understood that Dafa disciples have a mission.

In 2001, Master hinted to me to clarify the truth to my students and eliminate any misunderstandings in their minds.

At that time, I was in charge of two classes with a total of more than 100 students. On the day I planned to clarify the truth, other teachers asked me to substitute for them, so that day I had classes all day long.

However, there was an invisible, huge pressure that made me feel especially heavy. When I finished one class and was preparing to go to the next, my legs were like lead when I climbed the stairs. I could not move. I had to hold onto the railing with one hand and use my other hand to lift my legs up the stairs. I shuffled into the classroom very slowly, but I only had one thought: “Nothing can stop me from clarifying the truth to the students!”

When I stood on the stage and looked at the students with compassion, I saw the confusion in their eyes and felt so sorry for the sentient beings who are lost. I had to awaken them so that they could understand the truth. I told them what Falun Gong is, the truth about the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation, etc. Each truth slowly opened up the students' true nature that had been deceived.

Halfway through the class, I asked them if they wanted a break, but they all asked me to continue. There were even students from other classes standing outside listening. I continued until the night self-study class ended.

The whole classroom was covered by a compassionate and peaceful energy field. No one made any noise, whispered, or left the room, nor did they interrupt me during the two full hours. It felt as if my voice penetrated layers of their bodies until it reached their origins.

Moreover, when I started clarifying the truth, the heaviness in my body went away, and my whole body was filled with a strong energy. When I finished the night self-study class, many students crowded around me and wanted me to tell them more, because they had never heard of such things before.

Eventually, clarifying the truth to the students became a mandatory part of my teaching. In the first few months, I would display the demeanor that a Dafa disciple should have to the students. The effect was better when I started to clarify the truth to the students after gaining their trust.

After a few years, all the students that I taught and clarified the truth to in class were glad to know the truth and had endless admiration for Dafa disciples who were able to continue to cultivate despite such adverse conditions. This established a solid foundation to persuade them to quit the Chinese Communist Party in the future.

Every year, students who had graduated returned to visit me. I used this opportunity to persuade them to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. Because I had clarified the truth to them in the past, most students chose quickly to quit. Some students said, “Although I have yet to completely understand this, I will quit because of you, Teacher.”

Later, when I was persecuted and forced to leave the school, I found a job at a boarding school. Initially, I tried to clarify the truth in class from a third party point of view, but the results were not good. I then changed my approach and talked about traditional culture to the students when there was time.

After every night self-study class, I would chat with the students in their dormitories and use the Fa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to untie the knots in the students thinking. In the meantime, Dafa truth-clarification would run through the conversation.

Sometimes, I would make use of either the morning or night self-study time to talk to the students individually and contrast their bad habits with the perseverance and righteous belief of a Dafa disciple. Other times, I would ask students who stayed in school during weekends to my dormitory, made meals for them, and used various methods to clarify the truth. The results were very good.

Once, about seven to eight students stayed at school over a weekend. I asked them to my dormitory for dinner. I made dinner, and everyone sat down to eat. I finished quickly and send forth righteous thoughts quietly.

Afterwards, the topic of Dafa came up, and I asked them with great seriousness, “Do you know what is the most evil thing on this planet?” They shook their heads. I said, “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes Falun Gong. It harvests organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for huge profits. An independent investigation has stated that this is an unprecedented evil on this planet.” When the students heard about the organ harvesting without anesthesia, they were shocked and some girls even screamed.

I told them that the Chinese government dodged this accusation by saying that the organs come from death row inmates. I gave a comparative analysis on the number of death row inmates and the nationwide organ transplant success rates, as well as the analysis on matching organs, donor survival time, and patient waiting time. The students all nodded in agreement.

I said, “As Chinese, we talk about 'good is rewarded with good returns, and evil with bad returns,' but the CCP is doing evil things that have angered both humans and gods. The consequences will definitely not be good. Thus, everyone who has joined the Party or the Youth League or Young Pioneers should quit to escape harm.” All the students present expressed their desire to quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers.

Next, I played the “Self-Immolation Hoax,” so the students could see for themselves the terrible scam the CCP cooked up. Later, I played Shen Yun. Immersed in Shen Yun's pure and beautiful artistry, they shouted, “So beautiful!”

After watching Shen Yun, they asked urgently, “What else do you have?” I played the movie “Destiny.” The beautiful music and the sad story moved many to tears. Occasionally, I could hear some girls weeping quietly. That day, the students left at midnight but still could not get enough.

Using Textbooks to Eradicate Students' Distorted Notions

To broaden the students' vision and increase their knowledge, the boarding school suggested that teachers research and give the students good articles. I thought about printing good articles from the Minghui and Pureinsight websites and using them to clear up the students' modern, distorted notions.

I put together articles about the latest astronomical discoveries, scientific breakthroughs, scientists breaking through the stereotypical mindset, and a combination of traditional culture and modern reality in the class reading materials. I also inserted pictures.

For example, if there was a new scientific discovery, I chose a color photo that had visual impact. If the content was about traditional culture, I chose appropriate photos. If it was an essay, I chose a small picture or ornament. When doing the layout, importance was placed on illustrations so as to make the reading material as attractive as possible and be a powerful tool in saving people.

The class reading material was printed once a week with four, double-sided, A4 pages. I used one night of self-study time per week to let the students read the materials and allowed them sufficient time to read and think. Afterwards, I spent some time explaining and interpreting. Not only were the students able to read news that they could not usually read, I could change their distorted notions and guide them to the traditional divine culture.

Take the Japan earthquake as an example. I showed pictures of local people gloating and shouting at the Japanese, some comments about Chinese people's indifference to life, and the determination of the Japanese when faced with disaster. I gave them an opportunity to think, assess themselves, and learn to respect life.

When the dead pigs and the bird flu incidents happened in the Huangpu River, I linked the ancient Chinese natural disasters to man-made disasters and analyzed the reasons why social disasters were taking place all over China. This allowed students to reflect on the underlying causes of the disasters.

Through analysis, students understood the crimes of the CCP at a deeper level. When choosing traditional culture reading materials, I used content closer to the students' everyday lives so that they could see how they were lacking in wisdom and faith. Sometimes, I brought a speaker and MP3 player and let the students listen to songs composed by practitioners.

Because much of the material was new to the students, and it was attractive, they were eager to read it. They always looked forward to that weekly session. They also liked to think about social phenomena in their spare time and discuss with me after class. However, most of them looked forward to my explanation and interpretation. Sometimes, when I touched on the evil CCP and stopped, they smiled knowingly.

I have tried to make certain that every group of students I teach understands the truth, and many of them have. However, a few are stubborn. Those who understand the truth tell others. Many students from other classes envied my students.

On teacher evaluations, my students gave me the highest grades, and one of the students came in first in the city's high school college entrance exam. This year, 28 students from my class are sitting for the exam, and 22 passed the minimum entrance mark. The school administrators and teachers marvel at such results. I know that this is the power of Dafa. The students have understood the truth and been blessed and, at the same time, are harmonizing our environment.

Using the Phone to Clarify the Truth

I hadn't used my phone to clarify the truth. The main notion holding me back was that the school had arranged my daily schedule very tightly. In addition, I am in the school's middle management. Usually, I do not have time to go out, and the phone that I use at work needs to be free 24/7 so that I can be contacted at any time. Hence, I thought that I did not have the time to use my phone to clarify the truth.

Later, I enlightened that this notion was not correct. Although the time is tight, shouldn't I be saving people? Isn't this an old force notion to keep me from saving people?

Master said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” in Hong Yin Vol. II)

I will be able to overcome this test with Master and the Fa!

I usually made phone calls on Sundays to clarify the truth, as there were no classes and I didn't have to take care of school problems. Initially, I was afraid that parents or colleagues would look for me on Sundays. Later, I strengthened my righteous thoughts: “Nobody should interfere when I clarify the truth!” When my righteous thoughts were strong, nobody ever looked for me when I went out to clarify the truth.

I did this for almost a year. Although I used the phone to clarify the truth, I still felt that I was not doing enough. I became anxious and hoped that I would have more free time. Maybe Master saw my heart of wanting to save people, because my situation changed.

After this year's high school college entrance exam, one of the best local schools asked me if I would work for them. They promised that I would have more free time. I signed a contract with them.

I have more time in the morning and at night to do the three things. Now, I knock off at 5:00 in the afternoon and grab something to eat. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I use my phone to clarify the truth while walking around on the streets. As I walk, I either make phone calls or send multimedia messages.

This summer was especially warm, and after walking a few hours, my clothes were sopping wet. They dried and later got wet again. It was very uncomfortable wearing long pants as the sweat made them stick to my legs. At home, I saw a layer of white salt on my clothes.

When I walked on the hot ground, the heat gave me blisters. However, when I felt especially uncomfortable in the heat, a breeze would blow, and instantly I felt fine. Sometimes, I would take a bus and get off after a short while and continue on another bus.

Since I started using the phone to clarify the truth, many interesting things have happened.

The most important thing when making truth-clarification phone calls is the phone numbers. Over these two years, I have unintentionally and intentionally obtained many numbers.

I was responsible for registering students for the college entrance exam, so I have all the parents' numbers. I met the person in charge of admissions at registration and was given all the phone numbers of the candidates' parents.

This summer vacation, I went to a new school. The school was enrolling students, and, because I helped, I obtained tens of thousands of valid phone numbers when the school received the students' parents phone numbers from many areas in the province. I re-arranged all the numbers and distributed them to the local practitioners.

During this entire process, I truly felt Master's care. Master led me step by step and pushed me forward. As I walk forward, I feel that, in the process of saving people, we are only moving our hands and legs. In actuality, it is Master who has arranged everything. I can feel Master's boundless Buddha grace as I take each step and also Master's painstaking arrangement when saving every sentient being.

In the blink of an eye, I have cultivated for 17 years. From an ignorant youth, I have become a Dafa disciple who is rational and clear-headed while walking on the path of assisting Master to rectify the Fa. Compassionate Master has devoted a lot of effort that I will never know of completely and will never be able to repay. I can only be even more diligent, listen to Master, and save more people.