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[Celebrating World Falun Dafa Day] My Sister Survived Cancer and Now Lives a Normal Life

May 25, 2014 |   By a practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) My older sister read Zhuan Falun before and had a positive attitude towards Dafa. Once she even asked me to show her how to do the exercises. In 2008, two clusters of Udumbara flowers, which blossom once every three thousand years as described in Buddhist sutras, were found on a window pane and on a wall in her house. However, because she loved to play Mahjong, she did not start practicing.

Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer

In April 2009, my sister was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer in Hebei Chinese Medicine Hospital. Her doctor suggested she have a gastrectomy as soon as possible. The whole family was upset over this bad news.

That night I went by her home and said, “Dear sister, this time, you must believe in the Fa. Only the Fa can save your life, or you may not survive this.”

She immediately said, “I'm going to study the Fa now. I won't see a doctor tomorrow.” Then she opened Zhuan Falun and started to study the Fa with me.

The following day her family took her to Hebei Province Cancer Hospital for an exam. But she did not forget to bring the book.

The operation was delayed three days because the head doctor was not available on weekends. She said, “Because no doctor was available, I stayed alone in a room and spent those three days undisturbed, reading the book. While I waited for surgery, I kept reciting sincerely ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ until I was unconscious from the anesthetic.”

After the Surgery

Because four fifths of her stomach was removed, the hospital put her on an IV drip 24 hours a day. Most surgery patients need 2000cc of fluid, but she felt uncomfortable after 500cc.

On the fourth day, she took out the nasogastric and urinary tubes because they caused her discomfort and she started to have a fever and sore throat. According to her doctor, some patients had to keep these tubes for over 40 days after the surgery.

On the seventh day, she could go to the restroom by herself. On the ninth day, she was released from the hospital.

At first she stayed at our eldest sister’s house. Because our eldest sister and her family members only allowed her liquids, she was always hungry. How could a patient with her most of stomach removed feel so hungry?

Seven days later, I picked up her to stay at my home. Every day we studied the Fa together and she became a practitioner.

My Sister Begins Cultivating

At first my sister was weak and thin, and her face was like yellow wax. But she read the Fa clearly and correctly and always seized every opportunity to read the Fa more. We spent all day studying the Fa together, keeping our legs crossed the entire time.

For the first time, she was able to keep sitting in the full lotus position while doing the fifth exercise. Her hands were sweating when she was done. On the fifth day of cultivation, her hands and face turned rosy. She said excitedly, “Look! My hands and face are pink now.” Since her hands and feet had been cold and dry for many years, she always had to put them in hot water and then put on socks before going to bed every night. Such a great change gave her more confidence.

Before the surgery, her husband spent several thousand yuan and bought her a lot of nourishing food. However, she could not eat any of it, because she would have a fever even if she just tasted a little. She only felt good when eating homemade food.

For her first meal, she had half a steamed bun, a bowl of millet porridge, half of a bowl of pork ribs, and turnip soup. Two days later, she said, “Please make some me some wheat and cornflour pancakes.”

The first month, she ate a pancake, a bowl of rice, and half a bowl of turnip soup at every meal. She even ate some bitter melon in sauce. It was extraordinary that someone who had just had stomach surgery would have such a good appetite within such a short time.


According to her doctor, she was expected to return to the hospital for a check up and then have chemotherapy treatments after 21 days. We thought that it was a test to see if we believed in the Fa. Thus we decided firmly not to go back to the hospital.

All the relatives from both sides of the family pressured us. They called or visited us in person to cry and scream if we did not follow their advice. They had paid all the fees for the chemotherapy in advance.

I said, “It's too soon. She's too weak and needs to rest now. She may go after she gets stronger.” My eldest sister asked, “Do we follow you or her doctor? Are you an expert?” I answered, “She's a practitioner now. Our Master has started to take care of her, so she does not need chemotherapy anymore.” They said, “She can continue to practice while getting the treatments. After all, we should believe in the science. As a patient, she should see a doctor. Will you take the responsibility if something happens in the future? ”

I said firmly, “She cannot take these treatments right now. I know that she'll be healed if she keeps practicing diligently. Nothing will happen to her. Who can make the promise that she will be OK if she goes through with the chemotherapy treatments?” This time, all the relatives were silent.

My sister said, “Don't be so hard on her! It wasn't her decision. I decided myself that I wanted to be a practitioner. I've left my fate in Master's hands, and I'm no longer worried. Haven't any of you noticed my great changes? How poor my body was? How healthy it is now? I'm afraid I''ll die if I follow your advice.”

Finally we passed the trial successfully through believing firmly in Master and the Fa.

Six weeks later, she was examined in the hospital and found to be normal. After that, everyone supported her practicing Falun Dafa.

In our area, patients with this kind of cancer only live another one year, even if they get chemotherapy and take expensive medicine. Five years have passed, and, without taking any medicine or following any special diet, my sister is fine. She walks swiftly, and her body has become stronger and stronger. When she turned 57, she took two jobs. During the day, she works hard. At night she joins group Fa-study and exercise and participates in other activities to save people.

Master gave her a new life. Thank you, Master!