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[Celebrating World Falun Dafa Day] How Jing Stopped Beating Us in Prison and Started Practicing Falun Gong

May 23, 2014 |   By Mei, a practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) In October, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. I was illegally arrested and sent to a labor camp.

We were overloaded with forced labor work at the labor camp. We got up at 4 a.m. every day and didn't get to sleep until midnight. Sometimes we had to complete the work in our cells, and worked throughout the night. The criminal inmates are the guards' spies. They monitored Falun Gong practitioners and beat us to please the officers in order to have their terms reduced.

There were two inmates in my cell. One was Guo who was very ferocious and always beat us. The other was Jing. She would curse anyone she didn't like. However, she liked me and never cursed me. We slept in bunk beds, and my bed was above hers. She always sat beside me when we worked. I told her the truth of Falun Gong, how Falun Gong teaches people to be compassionate, and how it purifies people's minds and bodies. I also talked about my own experiences. She listened attentively.

When I saw that Jing accepted what I told her, I recited Hong Yin and Master's other teachings with her and other practitioners. In this way, we studied the Fa together. Jing changed a lot. She stopped cursing people and started to smile. Her skin became beautiful and rosy.

One day, Jing had a dream. In the dream, she was a three-year-old girl. I held her hand and led her to a shining, golden boat. We were all dressed in fairy clothes. There were many people on the boat. A few of them were the practitioners in our cell. I was so happy for her and recited the poem, “Smile” from Hong Yin for her. She asked me to teach her to recite Hong Yin, and I agreed.

I taught her Hong Yin sentence by sentence. She learned one or two long poems and three to four short ones. She was very serious when she learned. At night I recited Essentials for Further Advancement for her.

Jing's third eye later opened. She saw the Falun rotating, and saw practitioners sitting and sleeping on lotus flowers. In another dimension, she was a three-year-old child and I looked after her every day. She was excited and became more determined in practicing cultivation.

She told me, “I want to validate the Fa in Beijing after I'm released.” I was very moved by her righteous thought. I told her to read Zhuan Falun first. One day she solemnly asked me to teach her the exercises.

I was surprised and had tears in my eyes. It was very courageous for her to wish to learn in such a hostile and dangerous environment. Another practitioner and I were brutally beaten when we tried to do the exercises. We were handcuffed to heating pipes in a position where we could neither stand up straight or squat down. The guard slapped our faces when we closed our eyes. We could not do the exercises after many attempts. Jing knew this but she still wanted to learn the exercises. I told her, “I'll teach you the exercises even if I'm beaten to death. Let's sleep first and wake each other up. “

However I did not wake up until 4 a.m., when it was the time to go to work. I felt guilty and apologized to her. She said happily, “Never mind. Somebody already taught me.” Surprised, I asked who taught her.

I looked at the other practitioners in the cell. They all shook their heads. Jing then said, “At 3 a.m., an ancient bell rang three times. Then a person sitting on a lotus flower came to my bed and told me he would teach me the exercises.” I asked Jing what the person looked like. She said, “He wore yellow clothes which were trimmed with red.”

According to her description, I thought it was Master (the founder of Falun Gong). I was moved and also worried a little bit about interference from other dimensions. I asked if she learned the exercises. She said no because there were standing exercises and a sitting exercise and she could not remember everything. I briefly introduced the five sets of exercises to her.

About one week later, the person Jing described began returning at 3 a.m. every night and taught her the exercises. One morning she told me happily that she had learned all the exercises. I was so happy for her and told her I would see her do the exercises after work when the prisoners were not around. At midnight when the prisoners went out to return the tools, she did the fifth exercise on her bed.

She did the exercises correctly. When she finished, I held her hands in tears and said, “It is great! Our compassionate Master taught you the exercises. Be diligent! And be grateful to Master!”

All the practitioners in the cell cried. We looked at each other in tears, and no words could describe our feelings at that time. I knew we were all grateful to Master.

Fifteen years have now passed, but I still weep whenever I remember that moment. I don't know how to express my gratitude for Master's infinite compassion.

The Miraculous Power of Falun Gong Healed My Diseases

I'd like to share another story which shows Master's compassion. My postpartum disease that tortured me for nine years disappeared four days after I learned Falun Gong.

I developed a postpartum disease after I gave birth to my daughter in 1988. My legs and feet had severe rheumatism. I had to cover my legs whenever I sat. I could not wear skirts and I always had to wear layers of clothing. I received various treatments but nothing helped.

On May 9, 1996, the fourth day after I learned Falun Gong, I did the exercises with other practitioners at the park. When I did the second exercise, my legs felt like they were soaking in freezing water. My legs felt colder and colder until I could not feel them. After the exercise, my legs were completely numb and I could not move. The other practitioners left and I was the only one left in the park. I was a little bit scared. My time in the morning was very tight, and I had to go back to cook and go to work.

When I became worried, a warm current came from my head to my feet. When I tried moving my legs and feet, they were back to normal. I never had the freezing feeling in my legs again.

At that time, I had only practiced cultivation for four days and did not have a profound understanding of the Fa. The disease that had tortured me for nine years disappeared completely, as well as my other diseases. I'm so grateful to Master. Master helped me by getting rid of the pain and to become a new person. The only thing I could do to repay Master's compassion was to be diligent.

On this holy and great day of May, 13, I want to thank Master again. Happy Birthday Master. I will be diligent and have righteous thoughts and deeds. I will do the three things well, fulfill my vow and go home with you.