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My Understanding of “A Person’s Outward Appearance Can Be Altered by His Notions”

April 27, 2014 |   By Shandong Dafa practitioner Huang Sang

(Minghui.org) Recently I have been hearing fellow practitioners say things such as: “I am getting old,” “I'm feeling my age,” “I'm not seeing as well as I used to,” “My legs and other joints are stiff.” They go on and on with issues they are having and blaming it on their age. They have no idea that they have already acknowledged the old force's persecution and walked on the path the old forces arranged for them.

Remember when we first began cultivation? Many of us went through dramatic changes. Wrinkles and gray hair disappeared. Bodies felt light, backs straightened, and spirits were high. What has happened? Why are practitioners now shuffling about, shoulders hunched, complaining about problems with their vision and hearing? Besides persecution, another main reason is our unrighteous thoughts. It is “one gets into trouble because one’s own values and mind are not correct or righteous.” “What’s not a right mind? It refers to a person’s inability to always treat himself as a practitioner.” ( Zhuan Falun )

If we all believe from deep down that we are “old, and not capable” and utter those words with our lips, isn't that what we ask for? Aren't we acknowledging the old force arrangement? “The appearance stems from the mind” ("Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting") “A person’s outward appearance can be altered by his notions.” ("Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference") Gradually, you "age" more and more and become less "capable."

I believe this is a matter of believing Master and the Fa. Aging is a law for ordinary people, it is the Fa for the human dimension, but does not apply to cultivators.

We also see those who age very slowly, and they appear to “stay young continuously.” (Zhuan Falun) That is because they view and treat themselves as cultivators always, and are strict with themselves with whatever they say and do. They pay attention to their appearance and the reputation of Dafa. Their demeanor shows Dafa practitioners uprightness and dignified behavior. Others envy them, saying, “You are so healthy! You don't look your age at all!” “Look, those who practice Falun Gong are remarkable!” That is also validating the Fa! I hope all fellow practitioners can think on the basis of the Fa and pay attention to every word and deed.