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Qiqihar City: Mr. Tian Yong Unlawfully Detained and Severely Injured after Falling from Third Floor Window

April 19, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Inner Mongolia, China

(Minghui.org) Mr. Tian Yong was illegally arrested while on a business trip in Yakeshi City, Inner Mongolia, on April 3, 2014, by local domestic security police.

Mr. Tian was sent back to his hometown of Qiqihar City after his arrest. On April 4, officers from the Qiqihar Domestic Security Division locked him up in a hotel in the city. That evening, Mr. Tian fell from the third floor and was severely injured. One of his vertebra, two ribs, and a bone in his foot were fractured. His head, hands, and arms were also injured and bleeding.

Mr. Tian was taken to Qiqihar No. 1 Hospital’s Trauma Surgery Department. The police refused to allow his family to visit him, but they demanded money from the family. Mr. Tian's family asked the police why they could not see him.

An officer told them, "Tian Yong is fine now, he can stand up by himself." But when Mr. Tian’s father forced his way into his son’s room, his son said, “I cannot stand. My spine is fractured.” The father was very upset and asked the police, “Why did you lie to us?”

On April 7, the police told the family that they would have him carefully examined. The family is very worried about the nature of this exam. Concerned about Mr. Tian’s safety, his family is asking that the international community pay attention to this urgent matter.

Another practitioner was arrested the same time that Mr. Tian was. That practitioner is now in the Qiqihar Detention Center. No further details are known. Officer Jiang Yong and others from State Security Bureau participated in the arrests.