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Detect and Eliminate Impure Thoughts

April 18, 2014 |   By a United States Practitioner

(Minghui.org) The 2014 Shen Yun Performing Arts show just concluded in our area. Two of my Chinese coworkers went to see the show. When I went to work the next day, I was worried about their feedback of the show. Actually, I started worrying during the show, especially during the dance depicting the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. I was very concerned my Chinese coworkers might have negative thoughts about that program. I tried hard to suppress my worries. But I felt that I didn't identify the root cause of these thoughts.

During another performance, I thought to myself: “Imagine that I'm just a normal audience member. If I go to see a show, I would try to enjoy the performance without a lot of preconceived notions.”

As practitioners, we all know that Shen Yun shows are for saving sentient beings. But do we really understand the importance of it from the perspective of Fa-rectification and with rationality, instead of emotion?

Take me as an example; my impure thoughts and erroneous notion, even though subconscious to me, led me to worry about people's reaction to the show, which in turn might have blocked Teacher's Fa-rectification effort of saving people.

I realized that only when audience members watch Shen Yun shows without any preconceived notions, can they really understand the show's essence. Just like how practitioners should study the Fa without any notions. When practitioners participate in Shen Yun promotion and support work, our human notions may not only affect us negatively, but more importantly, they may prevent people from being saved.

We really don't need to worry about people's reaction to Shen Yun. Some audience members said the show was beautiful. Some said they received God's messages through the show, and others were moved to tears. Very few didn't have much of an impression of it, which is normal. As Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,

“When a foolish person hears it, this person will laugh at it loudly. If this person doesn’t laugh at it loudly, it’s not the Tao."

No matter what other people think, we practitioners need to have righteous thoughts.

I thought about our truth-clarification efforts, and sometimes we didn't know how to respond when confronted with obviously wrong ideas from people we were trying to clarify the truth to. I realized that our own notions made it difficult for us to break out of the incorrect way of thinking. Sometimes, when I eliminated a wrong notion, it felt like a balloon had been popped. Probably a layer of shell surrounding me was removed.

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