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Chinese People Quit the Communist Party at Tourist Sites in Sydney (Photos)

March 08, 2014 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Sydney, Australia

(Minghui.org) Australia is a popular destination for tourists from China. Falun Gong practitioners who volunteer at Sydney's Quit the CCP Service Center have been working at many tourist sites around the city to help these visitors quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. More and more Chinese are choosing to quit the Party, both individually and in groups.

Display boards expose the persecution of Falun Gong in China at a Sydney tourist site.

A volunteer from the Sydney Quit the CCP Service Center talking to a Chinese tourist

An Entire Tour Group Quits the CCP

One volunteer saw a group of four Chinese men near the Sydney Opera House and asked where they were from. Hearing they came from Hebei Province, she said, “My husband's originally from Hebei. Welcome to Australia!”

She learned that one man was a party secretary and the other was a department director. She talked with the party secretary about an ancient stone in Guizhou Province that predicted the end of the Chinese Communist Party. She said, “We made a vow when we joined the Party that we would give our lives to it. That is not safe. I know that a lot of high ranking officials have quit the CCP. In fact, 46 officials from the Central Academy for Communist Party Members quit the CCP together in Hong Kong."

Pointing to a nearby shop, she said, "Last year, a ministry level official quit the Party in that coffee shop. Last August, a delegate from the Chinese Central Military Commission quit the CCP at the Sydney Opera House. Over 150 million Chinese have now quit the CCP, the Youth League and/or the Young Pioneers. I can help you to quit here.”

He smiled and agreed, so she turned to the department director and asked, “You want to quit, too, don't you?” He said he did, so she asked the two others, and they agreed. Then, a dozen or so members of the delegation came back, and all of them agreed to quit.

The party secretary asked the volunteer, “Are you a Falun Gong (practitioner)?” She answered, “Yes, I am. Falun Gong cultivates Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

She told them to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She said that would help them to survive the difficult times ahead and that they should help other friends and family members to quit the CCP.

Another day, several Chinese men in black suits were taking photos surrounding a man who looked like a high-ranking official. When they finished, a volunteer quickly walked over to them and greeted the leading official. The man smiled and shook hands. Then he introduced his entourage, including one from the Chinese Embassy.

In recognition of the recent New Year season, she wished everyone longevity and happiness, which made them smile. She then said, “We are getting older, so we like to talk about longevity and happiness, but the world is not as peaceful as it used to be. Have you heard about the ancient stone in Guizhou Province that predicts the Party's demise?” The man from the Chinese Embassy attempted to intervene, but she stopped him, saying, “Young man, you are still young and have a family to support. I know it is not easy and your family depends on you. How about I help you to quit CCP with the name 'Reborn?'” He agreed and backed off.

She asked the official, “How about I help you to quit the CCP with a pseudonym?” He slowly turned to walk away but nodded in agreement. After he agreed, the other three men in the group agreed to quit, too. In the end, she told them that helping Falun Gong would be good for them and wished them a good time in Australia.

Atheist Chinese Scientist Wants to Read Zhuan Falun

Once she met an old Chinese couple sitting on a bench outside the Sydney Opera House. The man invited her to sit down and talk. He said, “I am an atheist. If you Falun Gong are so powerful, why don't you just go back to China and kill all those bad people? China has so many bad people!” She learned that he used to be a professor, then the director of a research institute and also the general manager of a factory that made his invention.

The old scientist said he didn't believe in gods because he never saw one. So they discussed science, religion, Einstein, and Newton. “The gods are composed of finer, smaller substances that the naked eye can't see,” she said. The scientist thought about it and began to agree that there is more than what modern science has detected.

She then talked about her own experiences: “I practiced Falun Gong for a few days and my heart disease and other illness disappeared. At that time, I had not even met Master Li yet. But when I read the book Zhuan Falun, I could see bright, colorful light emitting from it. Of course, other even more wonderful things happened. Many people have practiced Falun Gong and their terminal illnesses were cured.”

She took out her phone and showed him a photo: “These are 25 Udumbara flowers at my house. It is so fortunate to see this kind of flower. They blossom only once every 3,000 years. Only when the Buddha comes to the world to save sentient beings will this flower blossom. This is a revelation telling mankind to look for the opportunity to be saved.”

They continued to discuss the principles of Falun Gong, and she talked about the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square that Jiang Zemin and his regime used to frame Falun Gong and the stone in Guizhou Province predicting the end of the Communist Party.

The old man smiled and said, “I believe you now. Gods do exist.” Then he asked where he could find a copy of Zhuan Falun . When the couple left, she looked at her watch and realized that they had talked for 20 minutes.

People Who Quit the CCP Express Their Gratitude

A visiting Chinese professor who quit the CCP at a service center wanted to learn more about Falun Gong, so a volunteer gave him the address of the Minghui website. He was very thankful and said, “You are so kind.”

One day, a couple in their 80s sat on the stone bench outside the Sydney Opera House. After a volunteer helped them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, the old man said, “I had a dream last night telling me that I would meet an important person today. Now I know you are this 'Important Person.'”

One young man quit CCP and repeated, “Long live Falun Gong!”

A department director repeated to a volunteer, “Please send my greetings to your Master!”

A 50-year-old woman from Beijing quit the CCP and then hugged the volunteer who had helped her and cried. She said with tears in her eyes, “Had I not come here, I would not have known about it (quitting the CCP to be safe). You are so kind, like a Bodhisattva.” Her son also quit the Youth League and stood aside with eyes red and wet.

Helping the Whole Family to Quit the CCP

Every time a volunteer helps a Chinese person to quit the CCP, he or she also tells the person to help his family to quit CCP, too.

When a tour bus arrived with a group of Chinese at a tourist site, a volunteer talked to a middle-aged man from Xinjiang Autonomous District. He said his parents were scholars sent to Xinjiang by Mao Zedong in the 1960s. He sighed and said his parents had died after a lot of suffering. The volunteer told him why he should quit the CCP, and he quickly agreed. The volunteer told him that he should help his subordinates and superiors to quit, as well as his family members. He agreed.

A volunteer met two young Chinese students. One was the son of a general prosecutor and the other was the son of a vice mayor. After they quit the CCP, the volunteer told them that their parents were government officials and that they would meet with hard times if they didn't quit the CCP. She urged the young men to talk to their parents and ask for permission to represent them to quit CCP overseas. “Tell your father that he doesn't need to report to anyone or request permission from anyone. The divine beings only look at your heart. The divine beings are going to destroy the Chinese Communist Party.” She gave them two booklets clarifying the truth, and they agreed.

The volunteer later ran into one of the young students downtown. He said, “Ma'am, do you still remember me? You helped me quit the CCP.” She asked, “Have you helped your father quit?” “Yes, he quit. I called him and helped him to quit through the Epoch Times website.”