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How to Help Fellow Practitioners Act as One Body

March 05, 2014 |   By a practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) I have many opportunities, through my work, to share with practitioners in Wuxue City. I understand the local situation, and I would like to use the recent effort to rescue fellow practitioner Li Huafeng to point out some problems that exist between practitioners in Wuxue. I am hoping we can overcome these problems to change the local evil social and political environment, stop the persecution, and save more beings. If I say anything inappropriate, please forgive me.

As the progress of Fa-rectification nears the end, the evil has lessened. Many officials in China, for the sake of self-protection, have proactively abandoned persecuting practitioners. It can be said that the overall situation is continually improving.

In order to rescue practitioner Li Huafeng, Wuxue practitioners have worked together to collect signatures from local people, and have exposed the evil on a large scale. This has had a large social effect. Arguably, this should have greatly detered the evil in the local area. Nonetheless, contrary to our expectations, the evil hasn't become less. The persecution has actually accelerated. Shouldn't we reflect on ourselves and look within to recognize our problems?

It is my understanding that the Fa-rectification situation of a region is reflective of the overall coordination and collaboration between practitioners in that region. As far as I know, in term of coordination and cooperation, practitioners in Wuxue still have many problems among each other. They have not been able to truly form a unified body. Specifically, problems manifest in the following three areas.

1. Learning From Fellow Practitioners Instead of the Fa

This problem is quite prominent in our area. I have found that some practitioners not only copy what coordinators do, but also copy the actions of other practitioners. When other practitioners do well, they follow them. When other practitioners do something wrong, they also follow them. It's like they are not cultivating for themselves. They don't use the Fa principles as a basis for their behavior. I think that if you behave this way, not only will you harm yourself (by not blazing a path of your own during the Fa-rectification), but also other practitioners as well, as this can easily lead to the formation of factions within the body of practitioners, and create gaps between them.

If a practitioner only looks at another practitioner, trying to copy him instead of thinking from the Fa, he will create a center around this practitioner and revolve around him, thereby forming a faction. If many practitioners pick someone to copy, then different groups will be formed.

As we know from the Fa, all practitioners belong to one-body, or a whole. If we establish groups and isolate ourselves from each other, then aren't we breaking up the whole? Aren't we creating gaps between practitioners where the evil can hide? Then, isn't this protecting the evil? Seeing the gaps, the evil will come to us. Aren't we then causing and intensifying the persecution of ourselves?

In this situation, if all group-coordinators reach a consensus, then it is possible to coordinate and do some Fa-rectification work together as a whole. But if they have different opinions or conflicts, then the problem can become very serious. For example, some regions can't carry out a project due to the lack of practitioners with technical skills, while other regions completely monopolize such people, thus limiting the ability of other regions to expose the evil effectively and save more beings.

Fellow practitioners, aren't we helping the evil to do what it otherwise can't? Are we behaving as practitioners?

Personally, I think the root cause of this problem stems from not rationally understanding the Fa, or not understanding the Fa from the standpoint of the Fa, and not wanting to give up human attachments. If we hold onto our human attachments when studying the Fa, we won't be able to understand the Fa at a higher level.

2. Pursuing Results and Validating Oneself

Behind the pursuit of results hides the attachment of validating oneself. This issue is manifested primarily in practitioners who think they have better ideas, or those who coordinate projects. Put in ordinary terms, they are pursuing personal fame.

With the blind worship of local practitioners, their attachments gradually expand. Even when doing the three things, they are driven by their attachments of pursuing fame and showing off, thinking that they are terrific and extraordinary. Slowly, they place themselves outside of the main body of practitioners, and even above the Fa. They no longer think of themselves as particles of the whole, let alone harmonize with it or cooperate well with other practitioners. This is the main reason why practitioners can't form a unified body.

Because of this, practitioners in different regions have developed serious conflicts among themselves. They don't communicate at all. Even when they see each other, they don't say anything, or pretend not to know one another. I want to cite these sad and heartbreaking examples, not because I want to criticize practitioners, but because I feel very anxious, and hope practitioners will take these problems seriously, look inward, and do better in saving sentient beings.

3. Showing Indifference Toward Fellow Practitioners

When a fellow practitioner encounters a problem or is in danger, many other practitioners don't try to help him proactively and treat his issue as part of their own business. Rather, they show indifference, thinking that it's not their business. This leads to disunity among practitioners.

I think this situation comes from the attachment of fear. They are afraid they can be incriminated, or get themselves into trouble by trying to help. This is a selfish attitude that lacks compassion.

Since efforts began to rescue practitioner Li Huafeng, the persecution has worsened, and the evil has run rampant. As a result, many regions are greatly affected, with many practitioners being implicated and persecuted, both directly and indirectly. The persecution news has been seriously blocked, with much of it not exposed on the Internet in a timely manner because many practitioners are focusing on protecting themselves. As a result, the persecution has become increasingly severe.

The above three problems are quite serious. From the experience of trying to rescue Li Huafeng, some practitioners have learned a negative lesson. They believe that the persecution has become more intense due to their efforts to rescue a fellow practitioner, exposing the evil, and angering it. I think this is a misunderstanding of the Fa and is fundamentally unrighteous.

In the course of cultivation, I have come to understand that each practitioner has his own cultivation path. Everyone will go through a personal cultivation process. During this process, they are constantly improving themselves until consummation. Meanwhile, all practitioners are a unified body or a whole. Each is a particle of the whole, a part of the Fa. Only when we melt into this whole, or the Fa, can we possess higher abilities from the Fa.

Practitioners in every region also belong to the one-body. Practitioners in this one-body, in the process of helping Master rectify the Fa, collaborate with one another, looking inward. We will constantly encounter various conflicts, harmonize with each other, and eventually become one body. During this process, we will continue to harmonize with one another and eliminate our gaps, until we finally become an indestructible, cohesive body, and achieve selflessness and perfection. The evil will then have no place to hide. When that day comes, I think the Fa will begin rectifying the human realm.

I've also enlightened that the above-mentioned processes are in fact one process, and take place simultaneously. If the whole body doesn't cooperate or coordinate well, and can't understand the importance of collective collaboration, with individual practitioners emphasizing personal cultivation, then these groups will isolate themselves from each other, and gradually become alienated from the Fa. This is very dangerous!

I have found that some practitioners cultivated well in the past, but later went astray and became deviated. Some even stood on the side of the evil. Many of these practitioners didn't deem themselves as part of the whole, gradually isolated themselves, and finally divorced themselves from the Fa, causing serious problems.

If a region has done particularly well in saving sentient beings, creating a more accepting social environment, and deterring the evil from persecuting practitioners, it indicates that practitioners in that region have cooperated well with each other. They left no gaps for the evil to come in.

Over the years, Master has repeatedly emphasized in various lectures the importance of cooperating well as a whole and forming a strong, unified body. Why are we taking Master's words lightly? Is this believing in Master and the Fa? If we don't listen to Master, are we still his disciples?

I hope that through the incident of rescuing Li Huafeng, and the serious problems that we have experienced during the process, we can truly realize the importance of coordination of one body, looking inward, and eliminating our human attachments. Only then can we close our gaps, form an indestructible one body, rectify our environment, stop the persecution, save sentient beings, and make Master less worried about us.