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Two Eyewitness Accounts of the “Self-Immolation Incident”

March 29, 2014 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) A few years ago, a fellow practitioner and I separately met two bystanders who witnessed the 2001 “self-immolation incident” on Tiananmen Square. Independently, each one recounted to us what they observed on that day. At the time, I did not document their stories, since credible sources in the media and analysis had concluded that this was a staged event by the CCP to turn public opinion against Falun Gong, in an attempt to justify their repression and torture of practitioners.

However, in January of this year, a Chinese businessman held a press conference in New York, claiming to offer donations to a mother and daughter allegedly burned during the self-immolation incident, whose participants the Chinese government has claimed were Falun Gong practitioners. Through this article, I would like to document these bystanders' stories, as they witnessed this incident firsthand and their accounts contradict the CCP's version.

One of the two bystanders was a middle-aged man, the other a young man of college age. They both witnessed many armed policemen being deployed on the square and nearby. As well, there were many tourists in the area.

The middle-aged man was taking pictures on the square as the incident unfolded. He noticed that a certain area of the square was blocked off by armed police to form a human barrier that obstructed his view. Suddenly, fire and black smoke arose behind them. They then started rushing about and the fire was put out. He heard others say that some people were on fire. He and the tourists around him were confused as to what had transpired behind the human barrier.

It was only until later, when after watching state-run TV, that he realized what had happened. The police were forming the barrier to obstruct people from seeing what was happening, so that the authorities could show their version of it. He was then convinced that it was a staged event. However, because of the persecution in China, he didn't dare to tell others about what he saw. When visiting abroad, he took the opportunity to talk to Falun Gong practitioners about it.

The young man recounted the overwhelming presence of armed police not only on and around the square, but as well, rows of armed police were lined up in the underground tunnel that leads to the square. He described their presence as suffocating. As he and other tourists entered the tunnel, they were ordered to wait. Ten minutes later, they were allowed to proceed. Upon entering the square, the atmosphere was chaotic, with a large number of policemen hastily moving about. Smoke was visible from the far side of the square. He heard from other tourists that people were on fire earlier. Everyone was confused.

Later, when he watched state-run TV news about the incident, he was shocked. It was about what he saw that day! He immediately realized why there were so many armed policemen in the tunnel—it was no coincidence, as the authorities knew precisely what was to happen, and had mobilized the police force to ensure that it unfolded the way that they planned it.

He was appalled and terrified by the wickedness of the CCP. Since then, he understood that the slanderous state-run news about Falun Gong was fabricated. However, out of fear, he kept it to himself. It wasn't until he traveled abroad that he dared to tell others, expressing a sense of relief.

The staged “self-immolation incident” on Tiananmen Square by Jiang's regime was a carefully planned, elaborate lie carried out on a global stage. Even though it was full of holes and inconsistencies, it deceived an unprecedented number of people. However, such lies, once exposed, will turn against the liars. Having ruled China with lies for decades, the CCP is losing the hearts and minds of the Chinese people. Eventually, it will face complete disintegration.