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My Experience of Hiring Lawyers to Rescue Detained Practitioners

March 10, 2014 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Rescuing illegally detained practitioners presents an opportunity for us to cultivate, elevate our xinxing and save sentient beings. Hiring a defense lawyer is one aspect of the process. The elevation of our xinxing is key, as it can determine whether the detained practitioner is quickly released or not.

I have hired lawyers many times to rescue practitioners. When practitioners cooperate well with each other and work together using righteous thoughts and actions as a one-body, we are able to successfully rescue practitioners. Under Master's guidance, we were able to completely negate the old forces' arrangements and enable sentient beings to see the power of Dafa.

Making Sure to Clarify the Facts When Hiring Lawyers

The first time I tried to hire a lawyer, I was either rebuffed or I backed down when I was told of the high fees involved. Some lawyers refused to take the case upon hearing that they would be defending a Dafa practitioner, and did not want to listen further. Some were polite and listened to us, but then still said that they couldn't help. Others sided with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and slandered Dafa.

I felt very uncomfortable upon hearing their slanderous remarks, and always recalled Master's words, “His diamond-like will has stopped the deadly tide of decline” (“Saving the Universe” in Hong Yin Volume III). I then remembered that I must clarify the facts. Thus whenever I see a law firm, I go in to their office and tell them as much as they are willing to listen about Falun Gong and the persecution.

Finally, I met a lawyer who has some understanding of Falun Gong. After listening to me, he told me about how he would handle the case in several stages, the costs and the responsibility of the lawyer at each stage. He agreed to visit the detained practitioner, and didn't quote a high fee. He told me that at the current stage, he would only visit the practitioner on my behalf, so as to convey my wishes to the practitioner and to convey the practitioner's state to me. This did not involve contacting the police investigators to find out further details of the case.

I told the lawyer to repeat my words to the detained practitioner: “Be 'as calm as still water' and remain 'steady, confident and aboveboard'.” I also asked the lawyer to specifically stress to the practitioner that, “To reach the state of 'calmness', one must first be 'clean'.” When the lawyer conveyed these words, it was a great encouragement to the practitioner, strengthening his righteous thoughts. This prompted the practitioner to look inward and rectify himself according to the Fa. He also realized that he should look at the persecution as an opportunity to save sentient beings, and took the initiative to clarify the facts to the police.

On the 25th day of the practitioner's detention, I asked the lawyer to visit him again. The lawyer found out that approval had been given to send the practitioner to a labor camp. The lawyer also said that the practitioner's current state of health and mind was much better, compared to 10 days earlier. However, the lawyer seemed helpless to change the situation, but the practitioner that went with me to meet the lawyer and I were not moved. I only had one thought, that Master will decide what happens to practitioners. Hence, I believed in Master.

On the 30th night of the practitioner's detention, officers from the local 610 Office sent the practitioner home unconditionally. This surprised the lawyer and the police. Those practitioners who witnessed this experienced the profound meaning of, “It is up to Master.”

Other efforts that also played a major role in rescuing the practitioner were sending forth righteous thoughts, the practitioner's relatives actively requesting his release, clarifying the facts to people on the streets and exposing the criminal behavior of the police on the Minghui website. All of these actions were integral to his release.

Hiring a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Many practitioners in my local area were arrested in July 2012, and the authorities tried to sentence them. Fellow practitioners cooperated well and actively rescued them.

It is imperative to hire a lawyer as soon as possible, as they understand the legal process and can find out the specific details of the case. This helps to facilitate rescuing the practitioner within 37 days of detention, as the arrest would be approved after 37 days. There is then a three-month period after the approval of the arrest, where the case is still considered part of the investigation stage and remains in the hands of the police. After that, the police would transfer the case to the Procuratorate, who would in turn start the process for prosecution in the courts. Once the case has been handed over to the court, it is very difficulty to rescue the practitioner.

Rescuing a Practitioner Within 37 Days of Detention

Working to rescue practitioners during the detention period means working within a tight time window. I was responsible for hiring a lawyer to rescue a detained practitioner. After the lawyer understood the facts and knew that Dafa is good, I gave a detailed description of the content that I wanted the lawyer to relay to the practitioner, which also included words of encouragement. The lawyer relayed my words when he met with him, and encouraged the practitioner to validate his own belief with confidence and poise. The lawyer said to the practitioner, “You think that Falun Dafa is good, so why didn't you explain to them how it is good? Silence isn't a solution to the problem. Are you afraid that the more you say, the worse the situation will be for you?”

The practitioner knew that Master was using the lawyer's mouth to encourage him to eliminate the attachment of fear of being persecuted and to clarify the facts to the guards at the detention center. The practitioner was no longer depressed and took the initiative to clarify the facts, save sentient beings and help people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He also asked the lawyer to hand us the list of people who had wanted to quit.

The lawyer met with the practitioner three times. Each visit gave great encouragement to the persecuted practitioner and helped him do better at clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings while in detention. I communicated regularly with the lawyer, fellow practitioners and the practitioner's family members, so that we could find any inadequacies and work better together to get the practitioner released.

When we hire lawyers, it greatly shocks the authorities and has a strong impact in restraining them, making them think twice before doing evil deeds against practitioners again.

With the practitioner's relatives requesting their release and the local practitioners increasing their efforts in sending forth righteous thoughts, the detained practitioner's righteous thoughts and will became stronger.

At midnight on the 37th day of the practitioner's detention, the police contacted the lawyer, and said, “Come here immediately and take this person away.”

Successfully Rescuing a Practitioner During the Investigation Stage

Soon after, this lawyer also participated in securing the release of another practitioner, which took two months. Other than meeting with the detained practitioner, the lawyer also contacted a number of police officers related to the case. The police were initially rude and arrogant towards the lawyer, but later provided us with the information that we wanted. We realized that this was only possible after eliminating the old forces in other dimensions controlling the police.

It is very important to keep in regular contact with the lawyer and allow them to understand our requirements. We want the lawyer to convey our words to the detained practitioner accurately and clearly. We also request that the lawyer inform us of the practitioner's physical and mental state while in detention.

There is a small group of practitioners that specifically send forth righteous thoughts when the lawyer visits the detained practitioner, so as to eliminate any old force factors that may try to interfere with the lawyer. One group of practitioners posts truth-clarification letters and another group distributes large amounts of letters within the local area. We communicate well with each other regularly to get feedback on the progress, setbacks or issues that may arise with the rescue efforts.

Under Master's strengthening and the overall one-body of practitioners participating in the rescue, the practitioner was released during the police's investigation stage. This had never happened before here, and gave local practitioners greater confidence to do more. It showed us that the old forces' strength is weakening as the Fa-rectification process nears the end.

I accompanied the lawyer during the few times that he met with the detained practitioner in order to resolve any problems, encourage the lawyer, reduce his stress and to bear the costs involved. This allows the lawyer to be in a peaceful state of mind from start to finish and to follow our requirements. When we encountered interference, I immediately looked inward to rectify myself and communicated well with the one body of practitioners. This allowed the lawyer to see the extraordinary and powerful nature of Dafa.

Practitioners Play the Leading Role

After hiring a lawyer for a third practitioner, I believe we did not get the desired effect when the lawyer met with the practitioner. This is because I did not place enough importance on it and did not accompany the lawyer when they went to meet with the practitioner in detention.

I quickly looked inward and corrected myself. I needed to hire another lawyer, and knew that we must pay attention when hiring lawyers because practitioners play the leading role.

Hiring lawyers is only one aspect of rescuing practitioners. Dafa and practitioners' cooperation as a whole body is what's really key. We must never hope that the lawyer will rescue the practitioner, as this is impossible! We must always play the leading role, and Master will decide everything.