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With My Third Eye Open, I Saw that Master Cared and Protected Every Dafa Disciple

February 28, 2014 |   By Beyu

(Minghui,org) Last night after I studied the Fa, I fell asleep. Inadvertently, I saw Master appear. He was doing the second exercise, and He did it two times. Master was reminding me of doing the exercises so I got up, crossed my legs, and started to do the sitting meditation. Master looked at me, smiled and left.

Later, I saw a huge lotus pond with many full blooming lotus flowers with a being sitting on each lotus flower plate. There were many lives. Some were Buddhists and some were Taoists. Others looked like gods. These were Dafa disciples' images in that dimension.

Master helped them one by one. He helped one to balance out the things from history, helped another one who had encountered problems during practice. He encouraged one and pointed out his weakness for another. I was moved to tears.

Regardless of what kind of beings they were, Master treats them as his children.

At that moment, I recalled Master’s Fa:

“You only need to concentrate on cultivating. You don’t know what you’re about. Just practice diligently and make constant progress. You should be concerned about how to reach Consummation, as that is your top priority. To cultivate and return as quickly as possible is the most important thing for you. Don’t think about other things. I, your master, will definitely give you the best. (Applause) For whom is the new universe and everything of the future created? Aren’t they created for all lives? Isn’t that right? Parents always want to give their children the best. They especially want to give them a better future. They all have that intention. (Applause)” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore” in 1998)

During the holidays, we would send our greetings to Master online, many practitioners would write "Let Master have less worry for us…” In fact, to truly practice, let us be more rational, more mature, and walk the last part of our path well. Take the Fa as Teacher, treasure this last opportunity and improve ourselves as one body and save more people.

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