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Family Sues Police Officers Who Used Torture to Extort Confessions

February 16, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Jilin Province, China

(Minghui.org) The family of two Falun Gong practitioners recently sued several police officers that used torture to extort confessions at the Accusation and Appeals Section of the Nong'an Procuratorate. However, over a month has past without any action being taken because the Nong'an Procuratorate is using excuses to not file the case.

Ms. Fu Guihua and her daughter, Ms. Sun Yanxia and her husband were arrested at Ms. Fu's home on June 3, 2013, by officers from the Nong'an County Domestic Security Division. The officers extorted confessions through torture. As a result, Ms. Fu developed high blood pressure; Ms. Sun was diagnosed with cirrhosis, Hepatitis B, and a tumor in the fallopian tube. Due to their health, they should not be detained and should be paroled. However, both are still being held at the Changchun No. 3 Detention Center. The Nong'an Procuratorate even plans to sentence Ms. Fu and Ms. Sun and has submitted their cases to the Nong'an Court.

The officers that were sued include chief of the Nong'an Domestic Security Division Tang Ke, deputy chief Lu Mingxuan, instructor Zheng Yongfeng, and officer Zhou Dahai.

Family Members Beaten and Detained

About a dozen family members went to the Wugongli Detention Center on June 5, two days after the arrests, to see if Ms. Fu and Ms. Sun were detained there. Several dozen officers arrested them and took them to the Gucheng Police Station. The police interrogated them under torture for two days and later transferred them to the Wugongli Detention Center. The family members were released after serving 15 days of detention.

The following is 70-year-old family member Ms. Chen Chunling's account of some of the persecution she suffered.

“I was arrested while I was waiting in the car.”

She continued, “At the police station, we were interrogated. I refused to answer their questions. We were handcuffed to the tiger bench for the whole night. The police threatened that we would not leave the police station alive.

“The next morning, the officers took a needle that is more than four inches long to stab us. They ordered me to kneel down and put my hands behind my back. I was stiff and not able to follow their order. They grabbed my hair and pulled me hard. I immediately fell to the ground. They repeated this several times. Two officers then kicked my feet.”