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Seen in Other Dimensions on Third Day of Jiansanjiang Trial

December 26, 2014 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) We are not local practitioners in Jiansanjiang, Heilongjiang Province, but we have been following the illegal trial of four practitioners there. We have been helping by sending righteous thoughts.

I saw a scene on the third day of the trial, just after 10am on December 19, 2014. I know it was a form of encouragement from Master. What I saw is related to my own cultivation, but I would like to share in the hope that may be helpful to others.

Through my third eye, I saw Master's law body sitting in front of the Jiansanjiang area. His palms faced outward. I could see a Chinese character on each of his palms. One was “righteous” (Zheng). The other one was “Fa”.

Light emitted from his palms. Two golden dragons accompanied Master. Their mouths emitted golden spots, which blanketed the entire Jiansanjiang area. Wherever the dots hit, evil was eliminated. Layers of Buddhas, Daos and Gods were present. Some were beating battle drums. Each drumbeat eliminated one evil being.

Each of the eight defense lawyers representing the practitioners had heavenly soldiers as their guardians. Displayed in other dimensions, the process of lawyers' filing complaints to the Procuratorate peeled away a thick layer of bad substances.

I saw the practitioner sitting across from me displaying a realm of “the mind empties and kind thoughts arise” in “Entering a Sacred State of Mind” from Hong Yin III. I sensed her elevate into the air. Her body emitted bright light.

Our bodies became buddha bodies; our hair was curly. We stood above the Jiansanjiang area. Our gong integrated and extended without limit. It eliminated evil wherever it went.

When the practitioner became drowsy and her hand moved away from the erect position, I saw demons laughing hysterically.

I realized that we had big egos in our field and that gave the demons a foothold. When we realized our problems, Master beheaded the head demon. I saw an old Dao take the head demon and other demons into his sleeve. He said, “They will be dealt with.”

Many layers of divine beings were taking part. However, the participants in this dimension are few. Practitioners working on the front lines, in particular, are few. Therefore, our field is not that strong. We need to pay more attention to this case as one body. Master is monitoring each cultivator's state of mind.

Here is the future I saw at my realm: the Jiansanjiang area would remain in the future. The field would be clean and clear. Jiansanjiang would be a nice place.

We shared experiences after sending righteous thoughts. Many practitioners said that they harbored their own notions during the process of cooperating and relaxed on the third day. The evil took advantage of that: two lawyers were illegally detained for a few hours.

We will do better the next time. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.