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Subtle Torture Methods: Restricting Time for Eating and Restroom Use

November 21, 2014 |   By Cheng Yu

(Minghui.org) Some of the torture methods used on Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party officials are not visible.

Restricting a person's most basic needs – eating and using the restroom – are a couple of them.

Meals Have to Be Finished in Minutes

Practitioners detained at Huayuan Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province were required to finish their meals within five minutes. Without enough time to chew the food, they have to swallow everything as fast as they can.

The torture is escalated at Tianjing Women's Prison.

While Ms. Liu Xiuchun – a 72-year-old retired high school teacher – was serving a five-year-sentence for upholding her belief, she was only given two minutes to finish her meal. As soon as the timer rang, guard Ni Yaping immediately dumped the remaining food out of her bowl.

Ms. Liu lost 15 teeth in five years. She also lost almost all of her hair as a result of malnutrition.

Compared to the situation at Wumaping Prison in Sichuan Province, however, two minutes for a meal was not the worst.

At Wumaping Prison, the practitioners were forced to sit on the floor – with both legs double crossed – and bend over to eat directly out of the bowl, like an animal. Holding or touching the bowl with their hands was forbidden. A guard would stand over the practitioners and count from 1 to 20. When he reached 20, the practitioners weren't allowed to eat any more.

Restricted Restroom Use

Mr. Zhao Yu'an while being detained at Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province, was only given three minutes and a piece of napkin-sized newspaper when he needed to relieve himself. Whether he finished or not, he had to leave the restroom as soon as the time was up.

To humiliate the practitioners, inmates who were assigned to watch them at Mudanjiang No.1 Detention Center in Heilongjiang Province further reduced the time. Looking at their watches, they stood by, waiting to kick and beat the practitioner if he didn't finish relieving himself in two and a half minutes.

At Huayuan Forced Labor Camp, the time a practitioner is allotted to relieve himself is even further reduced to two minutes. If the practitioner couldn't finish in time, he or she had to hold it back.

Mr. Zhou Zaitian, a doctor from Sanhe City, Hebei Provincce was detained at a detention center in April 2007. He suffered multiple tortures there. One of the tortures was restricting the time he used the restroom. As soon as the guard counted from 1 to 100 with a very fast speed, Mr. Zhou had to leave the restroom immediately.

Ms. Liu Lirong, a college professor from Huaihai City, Jiangsu Province, reported that while she was detained at Jiangsu Women's Prison in January 2011, 280 people had to share 10 toilets and finish using them in 20 minutes. The average time for each practitioner was about 30 seconds.