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China Fahui | A Village Next to the River

November 13, 2014 |   By Shi Xiu, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am a female practitioner. Through studying the Fa, I've realized that it is very urgent to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

I have visited villages in different parts of the countryside, within a vast radius of my home during recent years.

I do this in all kinds of weather, from the cold of winter to the heat of summer. When I face tests and tribulations, Master often arranges signs to guide me. He has protected me and encouraged me to advance forward.

Master Gave Me a Compass

I have been to many places over these years, while distributing materials and clarifying the truth. I do not even know their names. When I distributed materials to places I was not familiar with, I often got lost, and didn't know which direction I was going.

At those times, Master always arranged for someone to guide me or help me, so I could finish distributing the materials.

One night I went to distribute materials over 30 miles from my home. I got lost that night. It was very quiet, and there was no one around to ask for directions.

I didn't think too much about it, and continued distributing materials. Master saw that I was eager to save people and arranged for a predestined person to point out the way home.

Another time, a practitioner and I took a bus to distribute materials in a village in a mountain district next to ours. We got there at 10:00 a.m. and distributed materials along the way.

As we went further, we saw fewer villages. We eventually got lost in the dense woods, and could not find the way out. We were still wandering around on the mountain at 9:00 p.m.

We found an abandoned house and stayed there overnight. It was cold on the mountain in early spring, and we were shivering with cold. We had not eaten or had anything to drink all day, and could not fall asleep.

So we just memorized the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts, asking Master to guide us out of the mountain area. Thick frost covered the ground and trees the next morning. We saw where the sun rose, followed a path in the woods, and finally found our way out of the area.

One morning I saw something small and round in my yard. I paid no attention to it, but that same small round thing appeared on my end table at home two days later. It was a compass. I was shocked, “Wow, Master saw that I got lost so many times so he gave me a compass.” I couldn't express my appreciation in words.

An Intelligent Fa Instrument

When I rode a bike to the countryside to clarify the truth, I sometimes traveled over 100 miles back and forth. When I got tired, I would pat my bicycle and say, “Oh, bike, you are my instrument to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. You are also a life. You should help to fulfill the needs of Dafa. Although it is a little tiring, we are saving people.”

The bike seemed to understand me. It seemed easier and faster to ride. A few times after I got home, I discovered that the chain had broken. I was sometimes able to ride home even without air in the tires.

I also found that my bike would make a buzzing sound when there was danger nearby. I would then leave right away.

Another practitioner and I once rode a motorcycle to distribute materials in a relatively far away village. On our way back, we heard a grinding sound under the motorcycle. We found nothing wrong when we checked twice. After we rode another 40 miles, the motorcycle stopped, and would not move even after we added fuel. We had to push it.

Fortunately, we found a motorcycle repair shop in the village. The belt that connected the wheels had been worn almost completely away, with only three, 10-centimeter-long (4-inch-long) threads remaining. The person repairing the motorcycle was in awe. He told us that usually people can't ride a motorcycle when the belt is broken. But we rode it for many miles even when the belt was completely worn down.

A Deity Escorted Me Out Off a Mountain

I once took a bus to a nearby district to distribute materials, and had to walk over a big mountain. There were tall trees and dense grass on either side of the road. The road was over three miles long.

I heard from people in a nearby village that the road was where bad people and villains committed crimes. No one walked alone there; only people in cars dared pass through. After I finished distributing materials to several densely populated villages, I still had about 40 fliers left, so I walked across a big mountain to the other side.

As I was walking back, an old man was strolling in front of me, but I didn't notice him initially. Sometimes he walked in front of me, and later he was walking behind me. The old man was dressed in yellow and was carrying a round stone about 30 centimeters (about a foot) in diameter with Taoist diagrams on it.

A bus from a nearby district passed by. The old man didn't get on the bus. He smiled and said to me, “Why aren't you getting on the bus?” He looked very kind. His face was ruddy, and both his beard and hair were gray, but he was very energetic. I said, “I have something to do.” I then lowered my head and kept walking.

When I was about to leave the area, the man stopped walking and said to me, “When you leave the mountain, there are buses in the village. Don't miss them.” Then he disappeared. I stood there, dumbfound. Then I realized that Master had the mountain deity turn into an old man to assist me.

A Bright Light Followed Me Everywhere

One winter afternoon, I took a bus to distribute informational materials in a mountain area 40 miles away. After I reached my destination, it was not yet dark, but snow was falling.

I went into the woods to send forth righteous thought to clear away the interference, damage, and other elements that could prevent sentient beings from being saved in the corresponding dimensional field that I was about to enter. After darkness fell, I walked back and distributed materials along the way.

Because I was careless, I left the materials in obvious places, and the police were thus looking for me. So I quickly hid in the grass. Their car drove back and forth looking for me. After the police car left, I started walking on the road to distribute materials. I hid when any car started driving towards me. I took advantage of the darkness to hide, walk, and distribute the materials.

I had blisters on both feet, and it hurt to walk, so I took off my shoes and walked in my bare feet. But it hurt even more as pebbles dug into my blisters. I went on despite the pain and did not stop along the way.

Around midnight, I saw an older woman like me walking alone, and I heard the weird chirping of wild birds. It was very scary.

I saw a lamp with a bright red light on the mountain to my right. The light moved as I walked. It followed me like that for over 20 miles. When I left the area, the red light disappeared. I understood that it was a light created by Master to guide my way and give me courage.

The Village Next to the River and the River Near the Village

One year in the fall, I took a bus with a fellow practitioner to a village in a nearby district to distribute materials. After reaching our destination, we started walking home. We walked from south to north and distributed materials along the way. We walked in a northeasterly direction.

After walking four miles, we came to a big river. We were confused and asked an old man fishing on the river where we were. He told us that we were at the southwest corner of the village.

We realized that we had been walking in the opposite direction from where we had intended, so we turned back. We found a large village, went in, and discovered that the village was located at the intersection of three districts, where we had never distributed materials before.

So we gave out materials, clarified the truth, and convinced everyone we saw to quit the communist party and its affiliated organizations. When we returned to the main road, we found that we were at the northeast of the village again. We realized that Master had changed the geographic layout of the area so that we could save sentient beings.

One summer after a heavy rain, I rode my bike to distribute materials the next day. The road was muddy, and my tires, shoes, and pants became covered in mud. I said to myself that my appearance wouldn’t help the image of Dafa disciples.

I soon came to a stream. I went down to the stream to clean my bike, my pants, and my shoes, then continued distributing materials in the next village.

I passed by the same place again some time later, but the stream wasn't there. I asked people in the village, and they told me there was never a stream there. It seems that Master had created the stream to help me clean the mud away.

I cannot express in words my appreciation for Master. I feel that the only way I can express my appreciation is by walking the path arranged by Master by being diligent and cultivating solidly.