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Police Arrest Practitioner Under False Pretense of Checking Household Registration

October 08, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Tianjin City, China

(Minghui.org) The police entered the home of Ms. Ran Guanquan with the excuse that they were just checking household registrations. Ms. Ran Guanquan, 66, lives in Tanggu, and she was illegally arrested on September 3, 2014, by olice who entered her home under false pretense. The next day she was put in the First Detention Center in Binhai.

On the day of her arrest, the police from Xiangyang Police Station didn't identify themselves before entering. They ransacked Ms. Ran's house. When the police took her away, they said if was just for routine questioning and she would be allowed to return home afterward. Ms. Ran has not been released, and no reason was given to her by the police.

The officers at Xiangyang Police Station in Tanggu told Ms. Ran's family that the Tianjin Police Department had a systematic record of Falun Gong practitioners and ordered the arrest.

Perpetrators of Ms. Ran's most recent arrest:Xiangyang Police Station in Tanggu, TianjinAddress: No. 1, Xiangyang St., Binhai New Area, TianjinPhone number: +86-22-65270536, +86-22-65300615, +86-22-65300635Director: Lv Jun (吕军)Pre-trial Division: + 86-22-25345928, the person in charge of Ms. Ran's case, his last name is Li (李).The First Detention Center in Binhai, TianjinPhone number: +86-22-65300763Binhai New Area Police DepartmentPhone number: +86-22-65309722, +86-22-65309738 (Fax)Director: Zhang Liang (张亮)The Domestic Security Division of Tanggu Police DepartmentCaptain: Han Yong (韩勇), +86-22-65300923, +86-22-65299079