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Two Hunan Practitioners Taken to Chenzhou Brainwashing Center

October 31, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Hunan Province, China

(Minghui.org) Ms. Wu Yunhua and Ms. Li Aihong were arrested and taken to the Beihu District “Legal System Training Center" (a brainwashing center) around August 1, 2014.

Ms. Li Arrested and Persecuted

Li Chengyi, secretary of the Zhaiqian Town Political and Legal Affairs Committee, and local village cadres Chen Changqing and Deng Chenggang went to Ms. Li's home in Zhaiqing Town, Guidong County, Hunan Province, on the morning of August 1, 2014. Ms. Li was cooking breakfast. The officers deceived her family and said Ms. Li was to be taken to Chenzhou for training. Actually, she was taken to the brainwashing center.

Six officers cursed and threatened Ms. Li in the brainwashing center every day. Ms. Li was forced to watch programs defaming Falun Gong. On four occasions, she went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Ms. Li often didn't feel well, but the brainwashing center refused to release her because she would not write a statement saying she renounced her belief in Falun Gong. After being on a hunger strike for a few days, she had severe stomach pains and didn't have the energy to even walk. The guards still forced her to stand and watch a program defaming Falun Gong.

Ms. Wu Yunhua Arrested

Officers from the Guidong County 610 Office and the Datang Township Police Station arrested Ms. Wu Yunhua at the end of July. She was also taken to the Beihu District “Legal System Training Center” and subjected to brainwashing.

Parties involved in persecuting Ms. Li and Ms. Wu:Guidong County 610 Office:Li Yongming (李勇明): +86-13975776169(Cell)Guo Hongbo (郭红波)Guo Fujian (郭孚坚): +86-13873563183(Cell)Zhu Jianzhong (朱建中)