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Dismantling the Mountain of Notions

October 27, 2014 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jinzhou City

(Minghui.org) After reading an article entitled “Critically Ill Practitioner Recovers in Three Days upon Group Elevation” on the Minghui website, I enlightened to the seriousness of our notions, especially how our notions can influence events and the people around us.

The article reads:

“Xiaoliang went home the next day. While sending righteous thoughts at noon, he felt very sad and asked Master in his heart: 'Master, why is Xiaoming getting worse when so many practitioners are sending righteous thoughts to help him? Why can the evil still persecute my fellow practitioner so unscrupulously? Where have we fallen short?'

Suddenly, he saw a big gray mountain. It was so tall that he could not see the top and so wide he could not see around it. Two golden Chinese characters appeared on the mountain – together they meant “notions.” A beam of golden light from the characters came straight at his chest, and he immediately saw three of his notions about Xiaoming: He doesn't cooperate with other practitioners. He's capable but doesn't use his ability properly; he has a bad temper.

Xiaoliang understood straight away: So, this is where the problem is!”

He came to the understanding that it was not only a matter of cultivation for the practitioner in tribulation, but also a matter for all practitioners involved to change their notions.

I was shocked that practitioners' notions could have such a negative impact and do such serious harm. I thought about how I held negative opinions about practitioners who were interfered with by sickness karma, were arrested, or who had conflicts with me.

I thought that these people must have omissions or attachments. If practitioners had opinions different from mine, I looked at them in a negative way. I thought that I was always right, so I wanted to guide, correct and change others. I sometimes thought during Fa study: This paragraph really targets so-and-so's shortcomings. Or, so-and-so has exactly the same issue.

The article also said:

“Practitioners around us have been very magnanimous and protective of Xiaoming. They held few notions about him, without major conflicts or grudges.

However, in other dimensions, even these few notions could form a huge mountain, causing Xiaoming's physical body to be persecuted until his life was in danger. Even when we tried so hard to send righteous thoughts to dissolve it, we couldn't do it. How scary that was!”

I understood why my local group's long-term efforts to rescue fellow practitioners through sending forth righteous thoughts hasn't achieved the intended results. In fact, these practitioners experienced intensified persecution and were thrown into prison. I realized that it is because our notions formed a big gray mountain.

Teacher said:

“As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference II)

Our notions acknowledge the persecution because we think that our fellow practitioners have omissions and attachments, or they have shortcomings and mistakes which caused them to be persecuted.

We think that if practitioners don't look within, rectify themselves, and eliminate their attachments, not much can be done. Yet it was our attachments and notions that complied with, recognized and endorsed the old forces' arrangements, thus adding fuel to the evil persecution.

If we hold such thoughts, ideas, and notions when sending forth righteous thoughts to rescue practitioners, can our thoughts possibly achieve a good result? Those notions are substances and beings, filling our dimensional fields.

Then, are the thoughts that we send forth righteous? Far from it. They are “all that’s degenerate and deviant,” manifesting in other dimensions as black or gray mountains. They get pressed into practitioners' dimensional fields and cause the situation to go the opposite way.

Can we achieve consummation by carrying this “big gray mountain” or harboring warped substances? Can we return to our home? Can the new universe allow us to take this garbage with us?

This is no small issue. The “mountain” is a long-term issue that each one of us faces, and a difficult one. We should be alert and conscious and treat this issue seriously. We need to change our notions and eliminate this “gray mountain.”

To change these notions, we should open our hearts to communicate with one another, based on the Fa. We should truly be humble, look at others' strengths rather than their shortcomings, look within when we run into conflicts, and cultivate our hearts.

We should be tolerant of others rather than talking about them behind their backs. In this way, we can break through the gaps among one another and get rid of this “gray mountain” and form a solid and unbreakable one body.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.