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Free of Disease in Less Than 20 Days

October 12, 2014 |   By a practitioner in Jilin Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am 73 years old and am from Jilin Province. I have practiced Falun Dafa for almost 14 years and have gained so much! My cultivation path, striving to do the three things well, has been fairly smooth. I want to share with everyone my miraculous cultivation stories.

The Miracle of Healing and Fitness

Let me first talk about healing and fitness. I am a woman in my 70s. I can ride a bike and tote a child over 100 pounds to school on my bike.

Before I practiced Falun Gong, I was in the hospital every winter until the next spring. I had many ailments, including multiple mini-strokes, a blockage in my heart, low blood pressure, gastritis, enteritis, nephritis, bronchitis, arthritis, bone hyperplasia, etc. If I went to see a doctor, I would be forced to stay in the hospital. When I got sick, I felt that all my internal organs were bad.

When I had to walk, I could hardly move my legs. On winter nights I could not use a comforter, because I quickly got too hot. So I had to sit up in front of the fan and cool down. Twenty minutes later, it would happen again. This went on and on, and my nights were restless.

Less than 20 days after I started practicing Falun Dafa, I was disease-free. I recall one day when my child asked me to go out. I went first, and my child called me from behind, “Mama, wait for me. Why are you flying?” I suddenly realized that my feet were not touching the ground as I walked.

Then one day, what I believe to be the process of karma elimination began. I was bedridden for half-a-month and didn't eat or drink. I could not move and hurt all over. My children were frightened. I told them that I was not sick, that I was eliminating karma. Two weeks later I had fully recovered. It was like nothing had ever happened. My children were impressed and started to read Zhuan Falun.

Passing a Test

June 5, 2010, was a hot day. I went to help other practitioners buy equipment and I fell off a motorbike onto the concrete. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't. Another practitioner pulled me up. Both of us said it would be all right since we are practitioners. I thought that this must have been done by the evil that wanted to stop me from saving sentient beings. I absolutely denied it. Regardless of what attachment I have, I never allow the evil to persecute me.

We sent righteous thoughts. After a break, I walked home slowly. The severe pain made me sweat and feel nauseous, and my face turned pale. At home, the pain got worse. I started to vomit and sweat heavily.

At that moment, I saw Master sitting next to me. Master's entire chest and abdominal cavity were full of blood. Spears were piercing his body, head, and face, and blood was running down. Master was enduring a huge tribulation for me and encouraging me to overcome it! I cried.

I wanted to study the Fa no matter how much I hurt. I could not sit or lie down. I stood up to listen the audio version of the Fa. I forced myself to do the exercises. Sweat poured off me. When I did the Falun Heavenly Circuit exercise, I forced myself to bend down. I wanted each movement to be exact. The pain made me tremble, and sweat dripped off me. I heard a “bang” from my spine, and then I could circulate my hands around my feet.

The next day a fellow practitioner came to help me. She stayed for a week. We studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts together. A week later, I fully recovered under Master's protection. During the week, 18 visitors who came to see me quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliates. Master saved me one more time. I thank Master for protecting me all the time

Miracles on My Cultivation Path

When I first started cultivating, I couldn't get up early to join the group exercise at 4 a.m. Everyday, Master called me: “Get up!” Nobody else was around. I knew Master was calling me. I got up right away and went to do the exercises. This continued until I could get up on time by myself.

When I do the sitting meditation, I often levitate. One time, I did the sitting exercise with a fellow practitioner. I didn't tell her in advance that I might levitate during the exercise. She was surprised by the “Dong, Dong” sound I made.

Once I helped a practitioner move equipment used for making truth-clarification materials. It was quite a long distance. When we arrived at the building where the practitioner lived, we were tired. The practitioner lived on the fifth floor. I thought it would be nice if someone could come down to pick it up. But right away I felt my thought was wrong. Suddenly I recalled a story that one practitioner carried a bag of books and was going to deliver books to Master. Initially the practitioner thought the bag must be heavy, but actually found it was very light when he picked it up. Then I thought that Master was with me and things I carry should also be light. Without thinking any further, I started to climb the stairs. I had only made two turns, when I raised my head and realized that I was already on the fifth floor. How could I be there so quickly? On my way back, I checked and saw there were 8 turns all the way down to the first floor. Didn't Master help me walk there through another dimension! Thank you, Master!

Master is with me whenever I go out to clarify the truth. On one occasion, due to my carelessness, I forgot to turn off the gas burner that was boiling water when I left home. When I returned more than two hours later, the gas burner was still boiling the water. The water pot had not even dried out.

On another occasion, I used an electric heating rod to heat water in a plastic pot. I was in another room making informational materials and completely forgot about it. By the time I got to it, the water had dried up, the electric heating rod was burned away, and the electric cord was on fire. I hurried to unplug the power switch and threw the burning cord into a sink of water to extinguish the fire. I looked at the plastic pot, and the pot was all right. If Master had not protected me, it would have been a disaster.

Many Dafa practitioners have experienced miracles. They are from cultivating Dafa and Master's reinforcement and protection. I sincerely hope that people do not miss this fleeting opportunity to obtain the Fa and be saved!