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Miraculous Recovery after 20 Years of Suffering

October 10, 2014 |   By Gui Zheng

(Minghui.org) I survived a stroke, but I was left with disabilities, such as facial cramps, watery eyes, and a fissure thicker than a matchstick running through the middle of my nose. The stroke had caused perforated eardrums, so any vibration resulted in great pain. I also had an unhealthy pallor and purple-black lips.

Benefits from Learning Falun Dafa

I was resting on my bed about two weeks after I started practicing Falun Dafa when I felt something at the baihui acupressure point on the top of my head [the place where all energies of the body converge] rotating. I also felt the same rotation at my temples, ears, and the location of the Third Eye, as well as an invisible hand stroking my nose.

I looked into the mirror the next day and saw that there was no longer a fissure in my nose, and my mouth was no longer crooked. All my stroke symptoms had disappeared.

Master mentioned:

“I do not talk about healing illness here, and neither will we heal illness. As a genuine practitioner, however, you cannot practice cultivation with an ill body. I will purify your body. The body purification will be done only for those who come to truly learn the practice and the Fa.” (Lecture One in Zhuan Falun)

My niece saw me and was stunned. She said, “If I had not seen it for myself, I would not have believed it.”

I described how Master had adjusted my body. She exclaimed, “Falun Dafa is truly miraculous! I too want to cultivate.”

I Searched Inwards and a Fractured Foot Is Healed

I went to pick up my grandson from his night class in 2007. The stairs were not lit, and I fell. I twisted my foot so hard that the bones went out of place. I sat on the ground and slowly moved them back into place. I returned home. The swelling in my foot worsened. It turned blue and I noticed a giant lump near the arch. I could feel the fractured pieces. If I stood, the pain was excruciating.

I had not completely negated the old forces' persecution and was not able to send forth righteous thoughts, so I did my best to bear the pain. I was able to do the sitting meditation. To do the standing exercises, I persevered with great difficulty by leaning against a cupboard.

I searched inwards, because this tribulation should not have occurred. I realized I had not cultivated diligently. I was unable to let go of human sentiments and desires and still harbored a lot of attachments. I was unable to search inwards when I encountered problems, and my belief in Master and the Fa was not deep enough. I was profoundly ashamed to realize this.

Master said:

“Cultivation practice must take place through tribulations so as to test whether you can part with and care less about different kinds of human sentimentality and desires. If you are attached to these things, you will not succeed in cultivation.” (Lecture Four in Zhuan Falun)

As a cultivator, I have nothing to fear. I have Master and the Fa, and should let go of my attachments to succeed in cultivation. When we reach another level in cultivation, changes will occur.

My foot was fully healed as soon as I let go of my attachments. I walk effortlessly, and my body feels light. This truly is the result of overcoming a tribulation, where "After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!" (Lecture Nine in Zhuan Falun)

An acquaintance of mine said, “All Falun Dafa practitioners are like gods.”

“I Have to Follow Master's Teachings”

Master said:

“... success for Dafa disciples is not simply a matter of self-liberation, and it was not for themselves that they came here. Rather, they shoulder the mission of saving sentient beings. Meanwhile, even the world’s people who want to obtain the Fa are on a mission—it’s not just for themselves, either. Rather, they are responsible for the survival of their sentient beings. They descended to this world to save those sentient beings of theirs, and it was on this account that they came.” (“2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital”)

Practitioners have come to this world charged with a mission to save sentient beings. In this “...precious beyond measure...” (“Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago”) period, one cannot slack off. I should not ask what can I do for Dafa, but do what Dafa needs me to do. I am responsible for upholding the Fa and my personal cultivation.

I used to hate the police officers who persecuted and killed my fellow practitioners. I bore them only ill will. Although many years have passed, the heart wrenching pain from knowing what they have done remains difficult to forget. But as a practitioner, I have to follow Master's teachings.

Through constant Fa study, I learned that this persecution was not as simple as ordinary people persecuting one other but has unfolded as the old forces arranged for it to. While unknowingly persecuting Dafa and its practitioners, these police officers have accumulated karma. If practitioners do not save them, they have no future.

Through clarifying the truth, I let go of my hatred for the police, and now view them as sentient beings to be saved. Once I left some informational materials on a police car. I wanted them to learn the facts about Falun Gong, so that they would stop persecuting practitioners.

Holding No Fear

Master will make the necessary arrangements as long as we wish to save sentient beings and validate the Fa.

When I saw a young man washing his car, I talked to him about Falun Dafa and told him about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to ensure his safety.

He said, “You had no way of knowing it, but I work for the government.” I replied, “I hope that government officers are safe, and I will also help them to to enlighten to the truth.” He asked, “Do you know about the 610 Office?” I replied that I did and he said, “Then why are you still talking to me?” I replied, “Those in the 610 Office are really to be pitied. You have been denied freedom of thought and are being deceived.”

I told him about the staged Tiananmen self-immolation before asking him to use an alias to quit the CCP. He replied, “Thank you.” I gave him an alias and helped him quit.

I have cultivated close to 20 years and changed from a selfish to a selfless being. I have experienced much throughout my cultivation.

If not for Master's compassionate protection, sacrifice, and endurance on our behalf, along with Dafa's boundless powers, it is likely that I would have ended up in hell, repaying the vast amount of karma from my past lives. I am unable to repay esteemed Master for all that he has done. I can only work harder and be more diligent.