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Mounting Pressure from the Public Forces Officials to Release Practitioners in Handan City

September 05, 2013 |  

(Minghui.org) As Falun Gong practitioners continue in their unwavering efforts to expose the Chinese Communist Party's relentless oppression, more and more people have stepped forward in show of support for Falun Gong and to condemn the regime's cruelty. As a result, the regime is facing great difficulty in maintaining the persecution.

Handan City in Hebei Province is a case in point.

The Handan Labor Camp, Site of Intense Persecution, Issues Early Release of Practitioners

The Handan Labor Camp held most of the male Falun Gong practitioners arrested in Hebei. During the past 14 years, the camp has tortured many practitioners, resulting in at least ten known deaths and countless cases of mental and physical disabilities. Moreover, the camp has accrued huge profits by forcing Falun Gong practitioners to perform slave labor.

Under mounting pressure from the public, however, the camp was forced to release its only remaining practitioner in June 2013.

Practitioners Released Unconditionally

According to Minghui.org, Handan police arrested at least ten practitioners in the first half of 2013, only to quickly release each one. Unable to bear the mounting pressure from the public, authorities had no choice but to release the detained practitioners. More and more citizens are coming to realize that arresting innocent practitioners is wrong and immoral.

Additionally, many more officials within the judicial system are coming to understand that the persecution of Falun Gong is unsustainable. Therefore, they're trying their best to distance themselves from it.

Lu Yinghai and You Yong are both administrative heads of the Domestic Security Division. Lu is formerly of the Hanshan Police Branch, and You of the Handan County Police Department. The tactics they used in attacking practitioners were especially brutal. However, when they arrested more practitioners this year, they were forced to issue their unconditional release.

Liu Yong Released from the Baoding Mental Hospital After 12 Years

On July 13, 2013, Liu Yong was finally released from the Baoding Mental Hospital after 12 years.

After Mr. Liu was released, several hospital staff members stated their understandings: “Liu Yong never had any mental problems. He was been in good health all these years, and every day he practiced his Falun Gong exercises. He was also quick to help out with other patients when necessary. He is a very good person and well regarded by many throughout the hospital.”

Practitioner Wang Hongliang Found Not Guilty and Released

On June 1, 2011, officers Zhang Lihua, He Xubin, and Zhang Aibin of the Wu'an City Police Department broke into the home of Wang Hongliang and his wife Wang Aiying. They arrested the couple and looted their personal property, which included 14,900 yuan in cash.

The Wu'an City Court issued prison sentences to Wang Hongliang and Wang Aiying of three and four years, respectively, in March 2012. After both practitioners appealed to the Handan Intermediate Court, the higher court cited “insufficient evidence” and ordered the Wu'an City Court to reconsider the ruling. Wang Hongliang was released on bail, and a group composed of people from the Anle Village Police Station, the Wu'an City 610 Office, and the Anle Village Committee escorted Wang Hongliang home on February 2. Wang Aiying, however, was still ordered to serve her sentence.