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On the Road to Save Sentient Beings

September 26, 2013 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Hebei


A Wrong Turn Turns Out to Be a Right Turn!

During a three-day holiday last year, I decided to visit my maternal grandmother in Shandong Province to clarify the truth to her. However, I wasn't sure if I should take a bus or drive there myself. I was more keen on driving there, as it was more convenient than taking a bus, and I only had a limited amount of time to make the trip. But, on the other hand, I had only just learned how to drive, and wasn't confident about driving on the highway. I also had a very poor sense of direction. But my daughter encouraged me to drive there. She said, "You can do it, you must have confidence in yourself."

After getting on the highway, we spotted the turnoff to Jinan. For some reason however, I somehow turned onto another highway. My daughter, who was sitting next to me, said, "Why didn't you spot such a large sign?" I felt really upset with myself at that time. My daughter became increasingly critical, and we began arguing nonstop. At this point, I had a sudden change in thought – nothing happens by coincidence, and I cannot let this affect me. So I parked the car by the roadside, calmed my thoughts, and said to Master: Master, where have I not done well? Am I destined not to go, or is this interference by the evil?

I kept searching within myself, and my daughter stopped arguing with me. She suggested I find the next exit and get back on the highway again. But before we reached the next exit, I saw a sign corresponding to the directions that my uncle had given me. My heart lightened up and I felt like Master had arranged for me to take this route. As we went on, the route became clearer and clearer. When we got off the highway and entered X County, we didn't know which road to take, so my daughter went to ask passers-by for directions.

Coincidentally, there were 4-5 people walking ahead of us. After my daughter had clarified the right direction with them, they continued to stand there and look at us, even after we had driven a short distance away. I realized with a start that these people may be waiting to be saved. So I stopped my car and had my daughter pass a Shen Yun DVD to each of them. They thanked us gladly and went on their way.

This incident was a huge source of inspiration to me. I still had to pass through one more county and a village to get to my grandmother's village. As there were very few road signs, we had to depend completely on passers-by for directions. As such, in this manner, we spent the rest of the journey asking passers-by for directions and giving them Shen Yun DVDs. Later, we even began asking people for directions on purpose, so that we could pass them a DVD. When we arrived at my grandmother's village, everyone, including the young and the elderly, was sitting at the road entrance smiling at us. Perhaps, the side of them that was aware knew that I was here to save them. Although we had never met before, I felt very well-acquainted with them, and they didn't feel like strangers at all.

I clarified with them the truth about Falun Dafa and also spoke to them about the three withdrawals. There was one elderly lady whose name was difficult to pronounce, and due to her dialect I couldn't hear what her name was. She got so anxious that she went home and brought her bank account book to me, so that I could put her name down correctly so she could withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates. She even brought her family along to have them do the three withdrawals as well. They were a bit hesitant at first, but she said, "Just do the withdrawals, this lady has traveled so far to save us. She is for us." With these words, her family immediately went ahead and withdrew their members in the CCP, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers.

For those with no educational background, I taught them to recite, "Falun Dafa is Good." I also gave them intricately-made talismans, which they carefully put on themselves, and they even asked for more talismans for their family members. My grandparents and their family also withdrew from the CCP. My grandfather had been a party member and worked for the CCP, and he had already retired. He had a good reputation in his village, and when he announced his withdrawal from the party, many other villagers withdrew as well.

As we retraced the route home, we became unclear of which direction to take again. So we again started distributing DVDs while asking for directions. Just after we had given away our last two DVDs, we finally spotted the road sign to the highway. Immediately, I realized that each DVD had its own purpose; it was meant to save that particular life. As we drove on the highway, I felt very light driving the car, as though we were flying. Master has boundless compassion for sentient beings, and he treasures, encourages, and supports every Dafa disciple.

Getting Through Beijing Airport’s Security

In the beginning of May, I made a trip back to my husband's childhood home. When we got to the security checkpoint at Beijing Airport, I began to feel afraid, as I had brought along more DVDs than usual. I lingered hesitantly outside the security checkpoint for some time. Subsequently, I calmed myself down and realigned my thoughts. I asked myself why I had come to this world, and the answer that came was that I had come to help Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. I recalled that Master once said in his lecture that he could sacrifice his life for the sentient beings in the cosmos, and he could give up everything for the benefit of the cosmos (not his actual words). I asked myself if I could do this. In my heart, I said to Master, “I can do this.” This thought arose from my faith in Master. When this righteous thought emerged, I instantly felt gigantic and incomparably tall.

Pulling along my luggage, I walked boldly to the security checkpoint. My attachments to fear and to self had disappeared without a trace. The security officer let me pass straight away, saying, "You can go ahead." I could scarcely believe my ears. The officer again said, "Go ahead." I had never encountered this in the many flights I had taken before, much less in Beijing Airport where security was strict. With tears in my eyes, I silently said to Master, "Master, you're always by my side, and you are able to do anything for me, but all you require of me is that righteous thought.”

"Who is your Master? He's amazing!"

One day, when we were at my husband's childhood home, about twenty of his relatives and friends wanted to go hiking at a mountain together. We set off in two cars, and I was in the first car. While on the highway, our car’s steering wheel and brakes suddenly stopped working. The car began to veer left and right uncontrollably, and we were all terrified. The car then veered into the right lane and was about to crash through the safety barrier. Only then did I think of asking Master to save me, so I shouted, "Master, save me!" But despite shouting this twice, the car didn't slow down. I subsequently shouted, "Master, please save us quickly!" Immediately, the car stopped in its tracks and started working normally again. Glancing at the driver, I saw that his two hands were frozen to the steering wheel, and he was too terrified to move. Everyone in the car had been stunned by the terrifying incident, and it took them some time to recover from the shock.

When they had recovered, the first thing they said was, "Who is your Master? He's amazing!" I proudly told them that my Master is Great Master Li Hongzhi, and it was Master Li Hongzhi who had saved us all. Everyone in the car said with admiration that Falun Gong was amazing. When we arrived at our destination, the driver and passengers in our car fought to tell the others in the second car how amazing Falun Gong was, and how we had almost lost our lives. The driver even asked me many things about Falun Gong. After the incident, I realized why the car didn’t stop after the first two shouts, and only stopped after the third shout. We cultivators cannot be selfish, and, when there is danger, we should consider others’ safety and not just think about ourselves. Only then would this be in accordance to the new cosmos’ requirements, and only then would the Fa naturally be able to perform its miracles.

Rain God

For a long time, I had been thinking about clarifying the truth to my elder sister. After having this thought, I received a phone call from my sister’s husband, who told me to stop practicing Falun Gong. “We heard that someone who was also practicing this qigong died from it. Even though he was ill, he refused to take any medication or go to the hospital.” After hearing this, I became even more resolute in my decision to visit my sister’s family and clarify the truth. To save time and ensure that I could spend one more night at my sister’s place, I had no choice but to drive there.

When I got to Beijing, I spent almost two hours circling up and down the highway, and yet I could not find the exit to my sister’s place. My daughter and I began to argue again. At that point, my heart was full of anxiety and my head ached. It then dawned upon me that something was wrong, and I could sense that the field in Beijing was very evil. The evil knew that I was going to save people, and so they were intentionally hindering me from doing so. When I enlightened to this, I immediately started sending righteous thoughts. I told myself I shouldn’t be arguing with my daughter, and asked Master to reinforce my righteous thoughts and dissolve all interference.

After sending righteous thoughts for over 10 minutes, I finally saw the exit. It was already 5 p.m. by then, and rain began to fall. The rain got progressively heavier, and the sky got darker and darker. We drove on deeper and deeper into the mountains. Although there weren’t many vehicles on the road, the mountain road was winding and steep, and our car moved more and more slowly.

Looking at the rain outside the window, I said, “Rain god, my driving skills are no good, and I really need your help. Please stop raining for awhile, I need to reach my destination before dark.” With these words, the rain suddenly became much lighter and stopped within a few minutes. Even my daughter’s classmate, who was in the car with us, felt it was incredibly miraculous. My eyes filled with tears as I thanked the rain god. Subsequently, I managed to reach the hotel an hour earlier than usual. Before I had finished parking the car, the rain started up again.

Losing Our Way in the Mountain

I settled the two children and left them to play with each other. My sister’s son Lixin then came to pick me up. The journey from the hotel to my sister’s place required another 1.5 hours. At the time, I didn’t know that Lixin was unsure of the way to my sister’s place. After driving for some time, Lixin sensed that we were going in the wrong direction, so he took another road. But, after driving for some time, the road still looked unfamiliar, so I asked Lixin to stop the car and ask for directions. When Lixin came back, he told me that we should take a different direction. But after driving for some time I felt that things weren’t right, so I asked him to ask for directions again. As a result, we headed off in another direction.

By this time, night had already descended and we were plunged into complete darkness. From the glow of the car headlights, we could only vaguely see the outline of the mountains surrounding us. I was bitterly disappointed, and at that moment I considered retracing our route back to the hotel. But, I also felt that from the beginning till now, I had managed to get through all situations when I called for Master’s help, and Master had always given me strength and righteous thoughts. I must not give up. I said to Lixin, “Don’t worry; even if I have to spend a whole night traveling, I won’t go back until I’ve seen your mother.” Just then, a large truck driving in the opposite direction appeared. I immediately had Lixin ask for directions. After another 40 minutes of driving, we came to a fork in the road. Lixin said we should take the right fork, but I felt that we should go left. Just as we were hesitating on which direction to take, we spotted a small inn ahead, so I had Lixin ask for directions again. This time, Lixin ran back and eagerly said, “You’re right, we should go left.” After that, we reached my sister’s place without any further trouble.

Driving along the muddy, narrow roads in the mountainous area was not easy. We could not drive any faster than 40 kilometers an hour, and at one section we could only move at 20 kilometers per hour. The inky darkness of the night was also frightening. Although the rain was now only a drizzle, it began to get foggy. Surrounded by the empty silence of the vast, deep mountainous area, if I had not believed that Master’s Fashen is constantly by my side, I would have been terrified. Throughout our journey, I clarified the truth to Lixin. I told him what Dafa was about, and how I had benefited from practicing Dafa, particularly on this night when I could sense that we were going in the wrong direction. He thought it was truly amazing. I then told him that cultivators of Falun Dafa are protected by our Master’s Fashen, and his Fashen is constantly watching over us. After experiencing all this and listening to my words, Lixin understood the truth completely.

By the time we got to my sister’s place, it was already almost 11 p.m. The next morning, I found out that my sister’s home was halfway up a mountain. I don’t know how we managed to drive a car up here, as the road was especially narrow and flanked by deep gullies.

Sentient Beings in the Rural Mountains Were Waiting to be Saved

I happened to have made it for my sister’s grandson’s seventh day of birth, and all her relatives and friends had come to give their congratulations, as per the custom in their area. I used this opportunity to clarify the truth to them. There was an old lady of a fairly senior age who was also present. With a disdainful expression, she said, “Let’s go.” As a result, over half the visitors left with her, leaving behind a handful of people for me to clarify the truth to and to pass them DVDs. My attachment to fear began to surface, and I became worried that the old lady would report me to the authorities. I knew that this was the wrong mentality to have, so I calmed myself and looked hard within myself to identify my attachment. I asked myself what was driving that fear: was I afraid that I wouldn’t be able to save sentient beings, or was I afraid of being persecuted? The more I searched within, the more I unveiled all my attachments to self. I eventually found the root of my fear and eliminated it. At the same time, I asked Master to reinforce my righteous thoughts.

At around lunch time, the old lady came back with another group of people. I thought to myself that I must seize my chance, so I went up to her and offered her my greetings and a drink. In my heart, I thought, I must save you. After I had wished her well, she looked stunned. I went on to greet everyone else at the table. I greeted them with sincerity and compassion, after which their attitude toward me became kinder. My sister commented, “Look at her, she looks so youthful after practicing Falun Gong for so many years. Does she look like someone in her forties to you?” One person said, “She looks like she’s not even thirty years old yet.” Another person said, “You treat us poor people living in the mountain gullies so well. I believe whatever you say.” After lunch, I was surprised when the old lady used her real name to withdraw from the Communist Youth League, and even had the rest withdraw from the Youth League as well.

The daughter and son-in-law of my sister’s neighbor also came by. When I clarified the truth to them in the morning, they didn’t seem interested, but in the afternoon they automatically did the three withdrawals. The son-in-law said, “After interacting with you for half a day, I realized that you’re completely different from what is being propagated in the media. I have been listening to what you’ve said, and it’s all very logical.” I went on to answer some more of his questions, and managed to save his whole family.

When it was time for me to leave, my relatives reluctantly bid me goodbye. As I turned to say goodbye to them, I noticed that even the adult men had tears in their eyes. I could really sense that the side of sentient beings that was aware had been waiting for the Fa.

Master Knows Everything

For a long time, my heart would not calm down. I realized that when saving people, sometimes we don’t have to say a lot. As long as it corresponds to human principles and we have done it well and completely, people will naturally be saved. Moreover, I understood why the journey to my sister’s place had been so difficult; it was to prolong the time I had to clarify the truth to Lixin. He was very busy the next day and would not have had time to listen to the truth. Only Master would have known all this. At the same time, He was also setting a test for me, to see if I would give up in the face of difficulty, or steadfastly surge ahead with righteous thoughts.

On the way back home, we again distributed some DVDs. The road conditions were much better than before. When we got to Beijing, without realizing it I turned into the Third Ring Road instead of the Sixth Ring Road. I was frantic, yet I could only call to Master and ask Master to show me the way. Relying on my sixth sense, I turned this way and that way until we had smoothly reached the highway. When I reached home, my husband told me that the stretch of highway that I had originally planned to take had been closed for over a day. I then realized that it was Master who had made me turn into the Third Ring Road.

After going on this journey, I have become even more aware of Master’s hard work. Everything has already been arranged by Master, and the only thing it lacked were the righteous thought to do it. Everything is in Master’s control, and we are only surface bodies executing it. In the process, Master helps us get rid of our human attachments, and cultivate divine thoughts. He assigns all the mighty virtue accumulated to his disciples. There are truly no words that can describe how great Master is!

Again, I would like to thank our respected Master!