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Children Persecuted by the CCP

September 24, 2013 |  


1. Two-Year-Old Wang Xin Cries Out Every Day, “I just want to go home!”

Young Wang Xin had two older sisters. The younger sister died from shock when the police broke into their home, while the older one was forced to leave school and stay at a forced labor camp for two years. Wang Xin was sent to a detention facility, and he wailed and cried every day, telling the adults, “I just want to go home!”

Wang Xin is the Wang family's only son. His parents owned a small shop, and both practice Falun Gong. One day they found a luxurious, expensive handbag containing twenty thousand yuan, ten thousand in stock certificates, and a cellphone. They returned everything to the rightful owner. It is shocking that these kind, honest people are being persecuted by the communist party. After the persecution began, the parents were illegally arrested, and the family lost their source of income.

July 19, 2000 was Wang Xin's birthday. While his family was celebrating, the police came and arrested everyone. The police stomped on some family members' heads, others had their feet crushed, and some were handcuffed. Wang Xin was too terrified to even cry.

At the detention facility, Wang Xin pulled on the iron bars of the cell he was imprisoned in and kept crying out, “I want to go home! Please let me go!” His nose started to bleed. If it weren't for his relatives going to the police department and asking about him, he might still be imprisoned. The family escaped, but they have nowhere to go.

2. Sixteen-Year-Old Forced to Leave School and Imprisoned in a Labor Camp for Two Years

Wang Qian, one of the Wang couple's daughters, was forced to leave school, and was banned from applying to colleges because her parents practice Falun Gong.

She was arrested when she went to Beijing during March 2001, and sent to a suspension facility for a month, then to a detention facility. When she turned 16, she was sent to a forced labor camp for two years. Because she was so young and was allowed little sleep, she stabbed her finger with a sewing needle while she was forced to sew. She was imprisoned there for two years before she was finally allowed to go home.

3. Children Died Due to the Persecution

Some children died after being persecuted by the communist regime because they wouldn't give up their belief in Falun Dafa. Some weren't even allowed to see their parents when they or their parents were breathing their last breath.

Leukemia Cured in Seven Days--Child Dies as a Result of Persecution

Liu Qian was a third grade student when she died. She was diagnosed with leukemia, and the doctors said there was no hope for her. The family even readied her funeral clothes. It wasn't until her mother introduced her to Falun Gong that she was cured. After practicing Falun Gong for seven days, her illness was gone.

She was excited to go back to school, but when her principal told her that she could not attend, she became very upset. Her body started to fail, and by the fifth day, she was dead. She was only twelve years old.

Fourteen-Year-Old Honor Student Leaves the World in Agony

Zhang Cheng lived in Chaohu City. She started practicing Falun Dafa in 1994 with her father. After the persecution began, her father went to Beijing to appeal. The police barged into their home and took away almost everything. Zhang Cheng was constantly harassed, and she soon developed the symptoms of leukemia. Last February she passed away in sorrow and agony because she couldn't even see her father one last time.

Fourteen-Year-Old Wang Wen Lan Passes Away

When Wang Wen Lan was only ten, she was harassed by the police during class. She was arrested with her mother when they went to Beijing, imprisoned for seven days, then sent home. Her family was harassed and fined seven hundred dollars. She was so young, and couldn't handle all the stress and sorrow. She passed away on September 12, 2003. She was only in the seventh grade.

Honor Student Commits Suicide Resulting from Harassment

Chen Ying was born on July 1, 1982. She was the class leader and an honor student.

Chen Ying was arrested in July or August when she went to Beijing to protest. She was sent back home on August 16. On the ride back the police constantly frightened, beat, and harassed her. When she needed to use the toilet, her hands were uncuffed, but the door was left open. She couldn't take the harassment any longer, so when she was in the bathroom, she jumped from the bathroom window.

She was sent to a hospital after construction workers saw what happened. The 610 Office head in her hometown said, “If she won't survive then don't give her any more oxygen!” She died that night, and her body was immediately cremated.

Father Exiled, Mother Persecuted to Death, Son Dies of Sickness and Sorrow

Sun Feng was in the sixth grade and his parents both practiced Falun Gong. After the persecution started, his dad, Sun Hongchang, had to leave home in 2000 to avoid persecution. His mother went to Beijing to peacefully protest and was arrested numerous times. She was again arrested on the morning of May 19, 2003 by about twenty police officers from the Tuoshun City Police Department. She died as a result of torture sixteen days later. Her family wasn't even allowed to see her body, as the police immediately put it in a coffin and buried her.

Sun Feng was only twelve years old at that time, and couldn't accept the fact that his mother had died. He not only had to endure the pain of losing his mother, but also had to worry about his father. He was scared every day, and his mental health took a drastic decline. He lived with his relatives, and rarely spoke. His sorrow and fear caused his health to fail in late 2004. He frequently fainted, and was rushed to Shenyang Medical University for emergency treatment. His body seemed to stabilize only after he was given a blood transfusion. Lonely and greatly missing his parents, he passed away on March 26, 2006. He was only fourteen years old.

Sun Feng's father was once again arrested two years after Sun's death, and was tortured by local police. They even openly admitted, “Yes, we did kill your wife, but we don't care! If you die, we'll just spend a couple thousand yuan to cover up your death!” He was illegally sentenced to five years in prison.