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Dafa Disciples Can Reach Consummation without the Persecution

September 14, 2013 |   By Kao Xin, a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I recently realized that some Dafa disciples were unclear about things such as, “What do we do if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) disintegrates and I haven't cultivated well enough, or if others have not cultivated well? After all, the CCP exists for the purpose of Dafa disciples' cultivation.”

I had similar thoughts myself, and I believe that such thoughts are wrong.

The old forces created the CCP to test Dafa disciples during their cultivation. This is an old force arrangement that was imposed on the Fa-rectification. Master doesn't acknowledge anything of the old forces. If Dafa disciples have thoughts that align with the old forces, they certainly are unclear about the principles of the Fa.

As Dafa disciples, safeguarding Dafa is our responsibility, so we should end the persecution as soon as possible. The approach that Dafa disciples take to ending the persecution is different from than that of ordinary people. The goal is different, too.

Dafa disciples don't pursue fame, personal gain, or power in society. They are not driven by their progress in cultivation. They are to safeguard the Fa of the universe.

Safeguarding the Fa is the only hope human beings have for the future. It is assisting Master to save sentient beings.

Master has guided us to do the three things well... Study the Fa to cultivate the self, clarify the truth, and send forth righteous thoughts.

When Dafa disciples do the three things well, they are progressing toward consummation. However, reaching consummation, staying safe, or working to release a family member or practitioner from prison is not the purpose of being a cultivator. Helping end the persecution, safeguarding Dafa, and saving sentient beings is what Dafa disciples should do.

The Minghui website recently published the “Manual for Three Withdrawals.” The Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP released an announcement about how people can quit the CCP as a group.

Chinese people are quickly waking up to the truth with the assistance of practitioners. Dafa disciples should be ever more clearheaded. We must not leave a loophole because of our own unclear understandings, thus becoming a contributing factor that would extend the persecution.