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Wasting No Time At All

August 08, 2013 |   Narrated by Baiyun from Hunan Province, China, and edited by another practitioner

(Minghui.org) More than a decade ago, I was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. I only weighed 65 lbs because of the terminal disease. One of my colleagues came to see me and told me about Falun Dafa. She then showed me Teacher Li Hongzhi's lectures on DVD. After hearing the Falun Dafa lectures, I felt very relaxed and comfortable. She taught me the Falun Dafa exercises the next day and told me about the group exercise site.

Practicing Dafa and Gaining My New Life

Since then, I have actively participated in the group exercises in the early morning and the group Fa study in the evening. Unwittingly, all of my diseases disappeared. My appetite improved, my weight increased, my face returned its natural ruddy color, and the hair lost from chemotherapy and radiotherapy grew back. I realized that this was my second life, which was the result of my cultivation in Dafa. Thus, I have remained in a cultivator's state at all times without daring to slack off.

I started my own business after recovering from the diseases. As people often say, a marketplace is like a battlefield. But no matter how busy I am, I always prioritize my cultivation as the most important.

Because of my unique business, I basically have to spend more than 14 hours in the store every day. With the household chores after business hours, I hardly have any spare time for Fa study. I thus read the book Zhuan Falun at the store whenever I have time.

I close the store late at night, and then I study the Fa in bed with a flashlight in order not to disturb my family; sometimes I read well past 1 a.m., and sometimes even past 3 a.m. Every morning, I wake up at 5:50 a.m. to send forth righteous thoughts, do the five sets of exercises, and eat breakfast before the busy day gets started.

Using Every Moment to Save Sentient Beings

I live in a remote, small town. The evil's persecution began not long after I started practicing Falun Gong, and at that time, fellow practitioners in my town and in other nearby cities and counties were not capable of producing truth clarification materials. We thus relied on fellow practitioners in other provinces to supply the materials from very distant areas.

Under the circumstances, my store naturally became a contact center. The truth clarification materials, once arrived at the store, would be quickly distributed to fellow practitioners in other nearby cities and counties for distribution. I was busy doing business during the day, so at night I packed and delivered the materials to the practitioners by bus. Occasionally, I distributed the materials to houses in villages and tribal areas. Since some places are dozens of miles away, I couldn't get back home at night. So I would just continue distributing the materials until dawn next morning. Then, I would go straight to work at the store.

Although I didn't get rest the whole day, I did not feel tired at all. Instead, I felt full of energy.

To avoid the possibility of my family worrying over my safety in the atmosphere of red terror, I did not let them know about the kind of work that I was doing. My husband drove a taxi for living at the time, and one night on my way home after I finished distributing materials, I saw my husband's car coming toward me from afar. I quickly concealed myself in a desolate graveyard, which was the only place immediately available for a quick hideout.

Persevering Through All Difficulties and Hardships

After persevering while validating the Fa for a while, the tentacles of evil eventually extended to my store. I was soon arrested and suffered all kind of brutal torture including verbal abuse, insults, attacks, and sleep deprivation. Because I firmly believe in Dafa and Master, I did not reveal any information to them. They finally let me go after their efforts failed miserably.

Through this tribulation, I wished deeply that I did not have to be so involved in the store business, so that I could have more time to better validate the Fa and do the three things. Soon, I got my wish. Gradually, the store needed me less and less. From this event, I realized more deeply the power of righteous thoughts: As long as our thoughts of saving sentient beings are in accord with the Fa's principles, Master will create conditions for us.

In 2005, the Fa-rectification progressed to a new stage. At that time, two people in my family were members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and one was a member of its affiliated organization. One day, I advised them to quit the wicked organizations during some chatting after dinner. They all agreed to quit without saying a word. Since then, I've gone out every day to clarify the truth and distribute materials to passersby to help them quit the Party. In the evenings, I clarify the truth in the park with my child.

During truth clarification efforts, I've sometimes encountered people with different mindsets. One time, when I was talking to a person at the park, a girl among a group of other young girls began shouting loudly, telling everyone to leave quickly and not listen because I was promoting Falun Gong. However, many people stayed to listen anyway.

About an hour later, I came across this group again on the other side of the park. The girl who did the shouting was still with them. I slowly walked toward her and said, “Miss, can we talk?” She was surprised and asked me what I wanted to talk about. I asked her, “Is it better to be a good person or a villain?” After her response, I explained to her the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I also told her how to be a good person and how to do good deeds. Suddenly, our gap narrowed, and I took this opportunity to talk with her about the center of evils and the vigorous corruption of the wicked party and its affiliated organizations.

Moved by what I had said, she replied, “Auntie, this Party is of no use today. Please help me quit the organization. I will follow the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to become a good person.” She also asked for a few amulets and some truth clarification DVDs when she left.

Not long ago, while distributing some materials in the park, I encountered the manager of my old workplace. He mentioned that he had been looking for me for several days. He said that the city required Falun Gong practitioners to fill out some paperwork. I took advantage of this opportunity to explain to him how I began practicing Dafa after I became ill, and how my body was purified. He immediately expressed his understanding about Dafa and requested an amulet.

Always keeping a Cultivator's Mindset and Balancing Family Relationships

My husband has an extremely quick temper. He is the kind that will fly into a rage and argue in seconds when he does not like what he's heard.

My mother-in-law used to always look down on me. She basically took every opportunity she had to scold me every day.

After cultivation, I realized that these relationships were the result of karma I owed from my previous lives. This was also a test to see if I could practice forbearance. I've thus never harbored any the ill will toward her or my husband, and the family has remained harmonious.

At her old age, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. She was told that she would only have maybe one month to live. Since she was dissatisfied with the care she was being provided by her other children, she came to live with me and my husband. I waited on her every day with dedication. Deeply moved by my filial piety, she finally said, “Indeed, Falun Gong practitioners are the best! I didn't treat you right before. I am sorry!”